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    Drama no, connection yes. One does not require the other unless you suck at finding non drama people or want drama.
    Im out, its been fun

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    Quote Originally Posted by fetus View Post
    I'm not sx-dominant (I'm so/sx), but I strongly identify with some sx traits.

    A question I have for my sx-dominant friends--do you like the drama? The turmoil? The soaring highs and the bottomless lows? The agony? When I was younger and more unhealthy, I'd nudge myself into situations where I knew I'd get hurt just because I liked the intensity of it all. I stared out the window and pretended my life was a movie; I'd even divide it into chapters. When I went through dark and painful times, I would think things like, "This will make fantastic writing material." The things I wrote were super flowery, tortured, ecstatic, etc.

    Here's another thing more curious I have to ask you about. Do you experience deep, visceral connections to people? I don't mean in a sexual sense. I mean this rush that you feel--physically feel--around somebody, in a platonic way? Like being so deeply attracted to somebody that you can physically feel a rush through you when you think of them or see them. Caring so deeply for someone, like a friend, that it becomes more than a friendship, but not romantic? Like a special friend. A true, one friend. I don't know. I tried to explaining this concept to my friends who are both sx last, and they had absolutely no idea what I was talking about. My sister, however, who is either sp/sx or sx/sp, understood what I was talking about one hundred percent.

    Are these things related to Enneagram? What are your experiences? Do tell.
    hmm I have actually been thinking about this
    in Socionics, some of the things you mentioned might be typical of Fe valued types, specially Beta (regardless of instinct I suppose)
    when it come to sx, I have a couple of goals for myself...
    1) soothe the instinct so that its not so unhealthy and doesn't feel like life and death so much anymore
    2) find my "soulmate" or whatever...haha

    I don't feel a physical rush or anything like that
    but once I "imbibe" something (or someone, so to speak) ripping that apart from me feels like ripping off a piece of myself and I cling on to it for dear life because it really can feel like "life and death"
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