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    Question A question for sp/so or so/sp core 6s

    Whenever sp is out of whack, there's either too much or too little reliance on others (or a pinging between extremes), depending on whether it's the fixation, the blindspot &/or what the core type is. sp-dom 6s rely too much on creating secure connections with others, whereas sp 5s rely too much on maintaining distance from others so as not to be overwhelmed with their "demands". sp last 6s don't worry enough about secure/stable connections, which can sabotage their more people-oriented sx & so drives. sp last 5s are not motivated to hoard & channel energy for sp interests, which can frustrate the setting of boundaries in the sx & so areas (more people-oriented & perhaps more energy "demanding), compounding the feeling of being overwhelmed by the demands of reality.
    This quote is taken from a post by OrangeAppled. I found it very interesting and wanting to discuss it more, as I procrastinate on some assignments.
    ...I don't know what I want to say about this ...but I am interested in a discussion about how this relates to 6s being sp-first or last.

    From what I'm reading, all sixes "go towards" others and people somehow needed to feel secure. But all the instinct stackings do this in different ways. I'd like to know what other 6s think about an sp/so or so/sp. From what I'm reading, they don't seem to be the jealous types or care about the chemistry between a person and themselves. So/sp are more cerebral and are focused on having a particular belief system and judge others based on having similar ideologies or not. social or intimate rejection doesn't seem to be a big deal for them because their security lies in being tied to an ideology (like a political party or the medical society).

    I am not sure if I am sp/so or so/sp (most likely not ...but I want to have a firm understanding on what it is before I completely say it's not me).

    I consider myself to get jealous and pay strong attention to how dynamics are going between me and another human I don't relate to how so/sp or sp/so are not afraid of rejection. For me, it weights heavily on me when I see people paired off (not necessarily in a boyfriend/girlfriend way, but in the sense that they have someone who at least deeply cares about the 6). I think this is my worst trait, actually. I make a big internal stink when I see people being much more comfortable asking for social/emotional support whereas I have a hard time with it even though I'd like it.

    I do sort of relate to the wanting to believe in organizations ...I don't like working in environments where there isn't a humane focus and all they care about is mass-producing bottles of 5-hour energy drinks or Xanax. I'd like being surrounded by people who care about other humans in general doesn't matter in what capacity. It could be artistic or an activist or social scientists or you can be a doctor that says that Xanax should not be given to children lol. Or you could be a buddhist. I don't care as long as you're interested in the human condition. ...You just can't be a philosopher because that gets annoying quickly haha ...then all you care about is defining useless jargon and correcting people when they say something "inaccurate" and not about the condition of humanity (don't worry... I don't HATE you ...philosophy people... but please SHUTUP xDDDD)

    They also say that sp/so are more independent in the sense that they are good at the little details at life. They take care of things before they are a problem. I think I am bad at that. I am a germaphobe so I like to clean things and I tend to pack a lot of things into my purse (like tissue paper, lotion, hand sanitizer, and extra money just in case I want a snack), but I really hate thinking about money because it stresses me out and I tend to ignore putting all my ducks in a row. I have a friend that I graduated with who is much more proactive and is constantly overworking herself. She is definitely a 6 and is super good at being organized and finding jobs on time (like WAAYY before she graduated. I found a job at the last minute life is not planned out as well as hers...) because she hates not knowing where her income is coming from. She is sort of the complete opposite of me ...even though we're both sixes. It's not that I am not organized's more that I want more time for relaxation and would rather procrastinate compared to her and not have to think of the details all of the time. I mean, I still turned in all my assignments on time and only become single minded on things that I am super passionate about ...but I feel like a 5 year old compared to people like her, who care more about being an adult. In fact, it's downright stressful when my dad calls me because he wants me to be more practical about life and I am very idealistic and I am a bit more whimsical (...I barely even seriously planned to go back to school sort of just happened! ...I have to pretend that it is all planned otherwise I just look crazy to my family).

    Oh and I don't relate to the sixes who talk about how unreliable people are all the time (like my friend does ...I used to not want to be around her because she'd always have something to complain about another human). Sure, I know they are dumb and I hate it that my roommates never clean up well enough after they cook ...but I usually don't make a big stink about how stupid every human is.

    I highly doubt that I am so/sp or sp/so ...but maybe I am just wrong. it also confuses me because they say that so/sp are two-like ...which doesn't make sense since if they are so cerebral... how are they two-like?? I don't really relate to so/sp or sp/so ...but maybe I am just wrong I need someone who is actually that type is explain it to me.
    You are so arbitrary.

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    Default A question for sp/so or so/sp core 6s

    Sp/So and So/Sp remind me of Bat Man and Rodin, there is a stress to correct maintain and advance order. There is a kinda preoccupation with order and control that can spill out into acts or actions of interpersonal control, like as a carrier or vocational choice. That dose not mean that all persons going down or along that path are Sp/So or So/Sp..

    Today I tuned the TV Chanel and came across this old movie Tommy the Toreador (1959) i am thinking that he is ether a 6w7 or a 7w6 but defiantly a Sp/So so I posted the link for the Instinctual energy content.

    Perhaps you can shear your thought as to what type you think he maybe 7w6 or 6w7.

    An interesting thing about old time movies is that the medium of communicating the energies of personality were still being explored and developed and the exaggerated persona of likeable bad boy Tommy is delivered largely though the instinctive variant of Sp/So.

    In my opinion the cognitive phycology passes though a four part filtering system from F through to N and though S and through T.

    Feel -> Intuit -> Sense -> Think

    While watching the movie it is posable to visibly witness the guarded but socially orientated of Tommy Steele as he puts forward his likeable persona to win the emotional enthusiasm of cinema patrons.

    Another interesting dynamic is the interplay between Sp/So energy and the So/Sx instinctual variant energy both two of three parts of the Personal Triangle. The energy setting for the So/Sx is FSNT (TN SF) as the personal inter reflective view for the So/Sx and we can view with in the Interconnectivity workings the TN and the SF from the FNST energy of the Sp/So inter reflective personal focus. The expressive focus of the FSNT FS ->N ->T can be found in the Sp/So in their inter reflective spontaneous planning F n S t - f N s T.

    T -> S -> N -> F is the four letter cognitive Instinctual variant for the Sx/Sp being the third of the three Instinctive types that shear the Personal Triangle (Points 7 & 4 & 1 ).

    The other triangle is the Teamwork triangle (Points 8 & 2 & 5 ).

    So/Sp = N -> F -> T -> S
    Sp/Sx = S -> T -> F -> N
    Sx/So = N -> T -> F -> S

    There is much to be said about the working of this layer of the living enneagram perhaps it will be explored in the near future buy those qualified to investigate and research such aspects of psychometrics as these measurements I have sheared with you today.

    Tommy Steele
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