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    Question I still don't know what mine is......

    So yeah, I think after these many many years I've figured out what my type is in pretty much every system out there: except this one. No matter what I read, I don't relate to any of the instinctual subtypes in particular. I put this thread up so I can say I at least tried to figure out all my types

    Feel free to stalk my past posts, and prod my current mindset.

    If it helps, I initially typed myself as Sp/So because I don't care much about intimate relationships, and very interested in staying alive.

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    I know it's been said before, but I think there's a somewhat skewed perception of what the sexual instinct actually is. I dislike the "one-on-one" name for that reason; this aspect is more of a possible detail than it is the entirety of the sx-dom experience.

    Maybe other sx-doms could share their perspectives on this, but I suspect that if you're sexual dominant, you'll know it. There's a certain undercurrent of attraction or repulsion in almost everything you do. Favorite things aren't just favorite things - they need to become a part of you. The need to find a mate could play into that, but it just as easily might not. I have an sp-dom friend who has always sought intimate relationships (in the proper sense) more stubbornly than I have, and for very different reasons. Motivations are pretty good cues.

    I'm guessing you aren't considering the sexual instinct if you're flopping between so/sp and sp/so, but it can't hurt to rule things out, right?
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    I'm pretty sure I'm sp/so too
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