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I've recently had some really interesting and revealing conversations with friends and family around instincts. Specifically, I think I've hit on what made me prioritize Sx above So and Sp in my emotional hierarchy of needs (if you will). My own circumstances involve two Sp/Sx parents, both of which negated and invalidated me from a pretty young age out of a their needs to prioritize self preservation-- because they wouldn't hear me, I began to overcompensate and demand to be heard, especially when trying to form intimacy. This continued (and still does in my family) but developed me to be overly intense, direct and hungry for intimacy. Perhaps what's withheld from us growing up, or what we need most is what we place the most value and urgency on.

Anyone relate to my experience? If so, chime in! If not, what do you think caused your preference of Sx?

I'm also curious about the parental types of Sx-first people-- check out the poll to participate. Thanks!
I am not saying I agree or disagree - but according to Katherine Fauvre we are born with our instincts.