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    so/sp types usually don't get rich without causing trouble/controversy...

    the ride up is more messy

    they don't have the pure acumen for business sp/so does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern Kross View Post

    BTW this site has a pretty good description of type and stacking. Example:

    Social/Self-pres 5

    One might think that the energy of this subtype would be warmer and friendlier than that of the self-pres/social, but it doesn’t usually present that way. Because the social instinct is dominant, these Fives are much more aware of their role in the group. They are therefore more careful of their involvements with others. The social arena is more important and is invested with more energy, so these Fives will pull up faster and harder into self-pres mode if they should feel at all threatened. This will sometimes give others the impression of coldness. This subtype will center a lot of their intellectual interest around the workings of society, humanity or spirituality. This serves as their connection with people. By means of these abstract mental constructs, Fives of this subtype feel a sense of belonging socially, without having to be personally involved and invested. The healthier people of this subtype are, the more they are able to integrate their mental constructs with their actual experiences. They can really be content to adopt the role of “people watcher,” but they do it from a closer and closer perspective. Their blind spot revolves around the fact that they tend to convince themselves they can get along just fine in the observer role. It does feel safer to them. If they do have a few people relatively close to them, they can really strike a good balance between their need to withdraw and their need to connect to the larger social world.

    This subtype could be seen as the most intellectual of type Five. The combination of the basic desire for knowing with the social instinct’s need to “fit in,” makes people of this subtype want to find a niche as the expert. Their interest in structure, especially social structure, accentuates their natural inclination for acquiring knowledge. With the sexual instinct least developed, this subtype is in the position of having a strong pull towards understanding the workings of the world around them, without the emotional intensity of the sexual instinct setting up any distraction. These Fives fit the role of the scientist or professor quite well in this respect.

    Interesting. This makes sense but a person would expect that So/Sp is warmer than Sp/So.
    What was one of the main reasons why I thought that I am Sp-dom.

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    This is quite the good timing. Reading this, and looking around elsewhere, I think so/sp is much more fitting for me than sp/so (which I long assumed for myself having been told that I was by people years ago). Seems I should have paid closer attention to this. @EJCC this didn't take long for me to sort out at all .
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    Told ya!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turtle View Post
    I have recently realized that my knowledge of the social instinct was a little bit inaccurate, and that I am actually a sp/sx and not a so/sx. This makes me wonder if my boyfriend is a sp/so instead of the so/sp that I initially typed him as. He is an ENTJ, and a 3w4. I am an INFP, and either a 9w1 or a 6w7.

    When I first met him, I thought that he was an introvert, because he was so guarded and reserved in demeanor. His fear that he is too 'boring' is an insecurity of his. He isn't "adaptable" like other 3s, and remains consistently poised, formal, and mature, with an intellectual superiority. He is a "made for the workplace" kind of guy, and his social life can struggle because he puts work ahead of everything. He tests as a 1w9 on enneagram tests, though he says he doesn't identify with 1w9 and identifies with 3w4. He is pretty tactful and could probably make a good politician, and doesn't seem to have problems or insecurities in social situations (though that is probably his 3 mask). He feels lonely when nobody else is around, though he doesn't stop working to interact with others unless it can help him advance his career in some way. He is the hardest worker I know, but he identifies with his work as a group, using "we" pronouns. He also is very team-based and considers our relationship to be like a "team". It's a common theme in our relationship..."you're on my team, your interests become mine." He also never really had romantic relationships in high school because he was working so hard.
    This description sounds social-first. Especially feeling lonely when no one else is around, and the use of "we" as a pronoun to identify with his group. I've noticed so/sp's doing this many times.

    Sp/Sx and So/Sp are part of the same flow (contra-flow) so relationships between these stackings are actually common.
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