my sp/so cousin was hard-nosed about his store layout...each decision was like the wisest business decision ever...'well the customer comes in this way...". some regional big shots were in a store once...overlooking the layout. they sounded like my sp/so cousin "yeah, studies show...". like that...sp/sx ime is more "this way is better because it has more personal meaning to me...." and FU to those who don't like put it mild, "well, they wouldn't be the type of people I could connect with, anyhow".. my sp/sx cousin sells out a rented "booth"....sp/so dealer runs the booth next to hers....her display has a more personal touch...his display is like one big stockpile. Got a similar impression from a middle-aged sp/sx first sight her store looked on the inside like any old business but a more personal touch was apparent in nooks and crannies...she also had a presence in every aspect (employer-employee). when a crappy thing occurred in her life she would want to gimme free stuff....but at those times it was like she turned into a different person. the energy seemed more subversive like sp- taking an anti-business turn. sp/so freebies ime come across like....'giving back' to long-timers or promotion...doin' business