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    Aquaria mrcockburn's Avatar
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    Default Do SX doms get bored if their relationship is too peaceful?

    For SX doms - Would you rather:

    1) Be in a relationship where you NEVER fought, barely even argued, and things were happy but pretty much the same from day to day? Basically zero drama. Good sex.


    2) Have a classic romance novel/soap opera type relationship where you were both extremely wild about each other, but sometimes have loud, angry fights, drama and an element of instability? Something exactly like from The Notebook.. Say, it's 90% ecstacy but 10% drama. GREAT sex.

    And assume this is for an exclusive relationship, not FWB or anything.
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    The second one definitely. The first one would make me want to kill myself out of boredom.

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    I've got some heavy SP. But either way, I'd rather the adventure and conflict be in the world, with my relationship as my home and companion.

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    Super Peaceful, No Drama, but Predictable
    Extreme passion and ecstacy,but sometimes anger, jealousy and shit like that.
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    ^ That's entirely possible to achieve - it just takes some conscious effort to actually keep your focus on each other amidst all the things that life throws at you.

    So, you can keep your two imperfect options

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    Oh, jeez.

    Good question Ms. Cockburn...

    At first, you had me going with the former.

    I've already had too much of the latter, and am over it.

    Well, sort of.

    Cuz with the last two lines of the second one, you kinda threw me back to that one.

    I mean, if it meant good sex vs GREAT sex, and only 10% drama, I might go with the latter.

    My problem has been that, eventually, that 10% gets out of control and becomes 100%.

    The first one sounds nice, but, not gunna lie, after a while, it'd have me clawing my eyes out.

    It also has me wondering about that "good" sex - what's missing there? And is "good" good enough?
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    Something exactly like from The Notebook..

    That 10% drama can be worked out if you have good communication with your partner.

    Ninety percent ecstasy..

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    I do not want drama.

    The reason i loathe drama and i wouldn't ever want it in a relationship is because i have experienced it and it drains me.

    I have a cp e6 sister and my goodness.....

    I was once infatuated with a enfp cp 6w7 sx/so girl and although i didn't witness any significant drama from her i could feel it on the surface. I was kinda scared if her.

    However despite their paranoia and drama (my sis and the girl) they are both deeply caring people, which could be a e6 trait.

    I wouldn't want to live with one though. No way!

    I'm an sp dom. So technically this post should be ignored.

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    I like conflict to a point and I like bitchy women. I don't think the type of sex equates to either of those things though. Having a fiery relationship by no means says the sex will be better in any way.
    Don't like my modera... Oh wait, wrong forum. Carry on.

    ESTP, 8w7 sx/sp

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    They're both horrible unless the first isn't because of any misunderstandings and such, I'd choose number 1.

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