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    Quote Originally Posted by Sanjuro View Post
    Your ego is pegged to the primary instinct, therefore if that's not being fulfilled, it will set off the issues of your core type. The other two just aren't as important.

    I've spoken to another theorist who thinks that actually the instinctual descriptions are snapshots of various tritypes--hence if you're a 451, you'd fit the profile of an sp-first 4, regardless of motivation (so, technically, you could be sx-first and still fit the profile of an sp). Worth considering?
    I'm not sold on tritype, but I don't really believe in pure types either. I can see how different aspects can overlap, or the same thing gets described with different terminology. This would be an easy way to smooth out inconsistencies, but I don't know if it's really reflective of how people work.
    I'm more inclined to think the instinctual stack doesn't have such neat "roles".

    I feel a greater focus on sp matters, so that when out of order I am preoccupied with getting them back on track. This is not health or security stuff, but more 4ish sp stuff. It's more about independence, little luxuries & indulgences, and experiencing/projecting elegance.

    For what it's worth, I relate to ALL instincts when interpreted through the 4 core fix. That's why sometimes I think it's just "being a 4".

    Quote Originally Posted by grey_beard View Post
    You're an SX-dom, without any possibility of doubt. Anyone who wants the deep soulmate connection, with a thirst beyond words, as you do...pure SX.
    And when you combine it with either a 4w5 or a 5w4 ... it makes the intensity of dragon's fire itself look like an Alka-Seltzer.
    And your devotion to "the finer things" in food and drink, (yet without luxuria), but being willing or eager to do cheeseburgers instead, and the attention to unique clothes...yeah, SP (but note the SX- shading into this by the insistence on...well, elegance or, ...a certain pizzazz).
    But note that the clothes and food you do without expending so much as the effort taken to backhand a pesky mosquito, whereas bonding...not so easy.
    Therefore as @Amargith said, the SX- is dominant, the SP- second.
    And you have written extensively about not getting *how* people pull off the social mixing thing...therefore you are SO last.

    Hang in there, you are not without allies!
    Valid points. I DO wonder if I have mistaken the so-last aspect as sp-first, concerning my focus on autonomy & independence & not needing too much (& maybe that's 5 avarice & competency issues too). I was reading this in an sp/sx description, but it was really attributed to being so-last (which means it should apply somewhat to sx/sp too, although maybe less so). I have trouble asking for & accepting help in practical matters, not wanting to be a burden or loser, and perhaps this is more about not grasping social methods of bonding than sp issues.

    But the sx-dom 4 just sounds like a more volatile, extreme kind of person, for lack of better words. I imagine Johnny Depp trashing a hotel room or Marlon Brando getting expelled from HS for riding his motorcylce through the halls. I'm much more withdrawn & not exhibitionistic like that - or I much more passively seek to assert an image & stand out (ie. physical image).

    There's some description of sp/sx types seeming to be underneath layers of bubble wrap, but writing/saying things that leave an effect like stabbing people in the chest. That just sounded much more like me, whereas sx-dom seem more "receptive".

    But Sanjuro & Amargith bring up interesting points too. Based on all this, I might say I am sx/sp, but taking into account other stuff & the impression I leave on most people, sp/sx might be a better fit still.
    Often a star was waiting for you to notice it. A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past, or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing. All this was mission. But could you accomplish it? (Rilke)

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    @OrangeAppled, for what it's worth, you seem like a sp/sx to me. When I think 4w5 sp/sx you're what comes to mind. I know we both agree that self pres four has different self pres concerns than other types, and that it manifests differently than it being about health and security.

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