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    Quote Originally Posted by Stansmith View Post
    The 4 most people envision is the social last or sexual dominant (there seems to be an Sp and/or Sx bias in the way most types in general are described on here), but what does a Social dominant 4 look like? Are they more (reluctantly) conformist?
    I am a social 4. It's a tug of war on some issues. Who isn't conflicted/confused sometimes about issues that matter to them? My tug of wars often involve feeling fake or conforming and going along to get along vs. do the "right" thing and being "real". Learning to choose your battles minimizes this.
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    I’m really beginning to question the idea that softness and non-competitive nature automatically equals social instinct, and in this case, social 4.

    I don’t like the Naranjo descriptions and I don’t understand why they continue to be used without being scrutinized for accuracy (do these subtypes actually look like this in real life?). I at least, don’t.

    By the way, EIIs are typically and often, described as shy and “bashful.”

    To chalk it all up to social makes zero sense to me. Specially given that sx and so are not close for me, but people sometimes read the NN descriptions and go “oh, social,” even though I have never shown much concern for the social stuff. Unless it’s one of those few things that bothers me.

    And it would also also make it sound like se-polrs can’t be sx dom, which yet again, would be a pretty bold claim.

    The Naranjo description by comparison:

    Oh and, Type 3 is what's connected with wanting to "push themselves to always be the best." 4 in and of itself is described as a withdrawn type, who "overuse imagination in search of self." Sexual instinct is defined as concerned with chemistry, attraction, and pair-bonding. The whole sexual 4 description sounds overly 3, and it doesn't make sense to me to assume all sx 4s have that amount of 3 influence. There is nothing in the 4 itself or the sexual instinct, that necessitates that amount of ruthlessness and aggression for "sexual 4." Sexual instinct is not aggressive in terms to socionics Se or force; they are merely more outspoken, and won't back down, compared to others of the same type, yes even EIIs. And they have a 'pointed/penetrating' energy to them. This does not translate into literally wanting to harm someone.

    I know that descriptions aren't meant to capture everyone in that population, but the sx 4s I have come across have almost all have said they are not like this.
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