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    Quote Originally Posted by The Great One View Post
    Well it seem like the majority of your time is spent catering to self pres needs. This leads me to believe that you are a self preservation dom.
    Probably. What would sx look like? Other than the obvious, which I would certainly be doing when the opportunity presented itself...

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    I think I'm sx/sp, though.
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    Doing this again...

    1) Generally, I positively associate with the idea of being a part of something larger than myself. Though I may find it either overwhelming, because of my astute awareness of what lies beyond my own interests, or inspiring. I neither positively, nor negatively associate with the idea of being a part of something larger than myself. I can be aware of it at times though, but I don't seek it out. If it is salient enough, it registers for me consciously.
    2) I am very aware of the impact my decision will have on others and can be quite attuned to their reactions and needs. I read people well. somewhat aware; attuned to "reactions and needs" does not mean I will necessarily cater to them. But I also don't want to be needlessly cruel, or anything like that.
    3) Being recognized or valued by my peers or community, for my contributions, is important to me. It's nice I guess, it's not the most important thing; I can do without it.
    4) I tend to have strong opinions on social change and/or social constructs and trends. It depends on what that is about. Usually, I don't care and am not attuned to politics. But as I mentioned earlier, if something is salient enough, if it bothers me enough
    5) I am aware of not only my own relationships, but also power structures and the nature of bonds between other people. I have a deep understanding of interconnectedness between groups and people who comprise them. In other words, I am good at perceiving the many facets of how a group works within its context and outside of it. I easily pick up on how I fit into the social hierarchy, whether or not I approve of it. I have only recently become somewhat aware of "power structures'; before, I was naive you could say. And only because I see it so much, over the last 3 years, in these personality communities. In other words, I don't seek out this kind of knowledge, but I had no choice but to notice it this time. I can be aware of "nature of bonds between other people" only if I am paying attention to it. My sx narrows down my focus to one specific thing. I can somewhat tell where I might be in "social hierarchy" but honestly, probably not to that high degree of accuracy, since that involves "who is doing what with whom" and I really don't seek out that kind of information. I am content with having few close friends/people I focus on.
    6) I am socially aware, but I can also be reserved and socially distant. Somewhat aware; sx often makes me blind to everything else despite having a natural tendency to become aware should I choose to focus on that.
    7) If I gravitate towards group (s)/institution (s)/gathering(s)of my choosing, I can be quite involved with championing the values and goals of this grouping. No I don't care about belonging to groups and instituitions.
    8) I tend to keep track of current events, even when not required to for my career performance. Not particularly.
    9) At my worst I am either strongly conformist or excessively anti-society/counter culture. At my best, my relationships with others are ones of healthy interdependence, and I may be inclined to strong individual leadership or display deep commitment in establishing teamwork and collaboration. I am not that involved, frankly. And I am somewhat bothered by "teamwork" because I think I do better individually; am not exactly a "team player."
    10) "no man is an island." Everything is part of an interconnected web, like it or not. Kind of? That's not necessarily true for everyone.

    Self Preservation
    1) I am acutely aware of my physical safety (though sometimes I will choose to do something dangerous anyway) physical safety? I don't know, maybe not. Not something I focus on.
    2) when I go to a party, I immediately notice the temperature, the smells and where the food is where the food is maybe, but that's not even the first thing on my mind. No to everything else.
    3) I am very health conscious Not usually; lately some health issues have forced it to be a stronger focus for me.
    4) financial/career, physical and/or romantic security are very important to me I used to not care about security, but I am beginning to think this might be good for me.
    5) if I have an injury or a health related problem, I typically notice quickly I mean? Wouldn't anyone notice an injury...? Health related problem, again, if it's obvious enough, anyone would? Unless it doesn't have strong symptoms...
    6) I tend to save a decent amount of my money nope
    7) predictability is important to me. the sooner I can know about things in advance, the better. don't think I focus on this
    8) when I'm under stress, things like health, finances, hygiene or other things that I normally stay on top of start to slip, sometimes severely. yeah
    9) I'm acutely aware of cause and effect, particularly when the potential consequences are dire. if my friends listened to me more, they'd end up making a lot less stupid mistakes no
    10) physical comfort is important to me. I can get distracted by things like uncomfortable seats, high humidity or bodily pain when I'm trying to enjoy time with my friends no; again, if the "bodily pain" is bad enough, anyone can be distracted by that. No to everything else.

    1) I have an addictive personality I guess you could say so, only just started to notice how I can be "driven by my attractions"
    2) "if it's not worth doing in excess, it's not worth doing at all" depends?
    3) people generally think I'm "too much". in lots of situations, I feel like it's expected of me to tone myself down considerably (which I will either refuse to do or do so begrudgingly) I am not socially "loud" by any means so no one tells me that I am too much; however, I have received such comments for instance when I shared my poetry with a class - that is was too much and I should tone it down.
    4) my energy is either "on" or "off". when I'm in the presence of someone who I vibe with my mind does an internal "YES! FINALLY!" and I try to start a conversation with that person I am not entirely sure what this means. Yes, I am drawn to people I personally find interesting and cannot stand more boring or lukewarm...connection.
    5) I can be obsessive with my love interests. I am either clingy or have to try very hard not to be yes
    6) I feel like a part of me is missing and am looking for someone to complete me. at times, this creates a raw sort of longing that can lead to emotional volatility yes
    7) I have strong impulses (particularly with regards to relationships). I frequently wish I didn't have to be so damn careful I am not sure what you mean by "strong impulses." I am usually completely consumed by relationships or interests, yeah. It's "all the way, everything else in the universe is pretty much obliterated" sort of thing where your attention is completely taken up by this one person.
    8) if I'm not in a relationship, I feel old. I don't know how it's possible for people to be happy without passionate intimacy, because being without it makes me feel dead uh, I don't feel old, no. I don't think I have been without "passion" so I don't know how to answer that. Even if I weren't in a relationship, I can find ideas and subjects that I am passionate about.
    9) I only feel alive when indulging my passions. sometimes this causes me to neglect other areas of my life yes
    10) people either love me or hate me, but either way, my personality grabs attention, whether I want it to or not I am actually not that good at telling whether people love me or hate me; on the other hand, people who "love me" may be someone I am close to and get along well with and ....well, I am not focused on anyone or anything else lol. So those who "hate me" might very well conveniently disappear into the background of my unconscious.
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