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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloudpatrol View Post
    The definition of seduction can be a few different things: to entice into sexual activity, to attract powerfully or to lead astray. I think the OP was referring to the first two, as you said: romantically or not.

    I think the 1:1 time can mean different things to different people and maybe that is where the styles come in? ie. I can't be drawn to someone physically without also being drawn to their brain. So, for me 1:1 time involves more intimate conversing, on deep topics. Or having fun doing things, the 'two of us'. Someone I am close to doesn't relate to that at all. They are drawn more to people based on outer appearances/expressions and for them 1:1 time means: doing physical activities together even with other people involved.

    So, one person's idea of seduction might be: a fun activity in a group where they can experience adrenaline and observe the other person. While another's might be: to be able to be alone with the person and find out everything they have done and what their dreams are or what they value etc. Another's idea of seduction might be to combine the two...

    I think the idea in the OP is trying to generalize those and, like all generalizations, there is much room for where everyone specifically fits
    Yeah, I guess I am just being nitpicky re the OP because the first thing I was thinking when looking at his descriptions was... uh... everyone meets people when they're out in a 'group' -- (ie you don't meet someone in a vacuum) -- whether that group be a school class, a web forum, a group of people who all chose to go to a bar on a saturday night (thus everyone has that in common), a club or organization (prob what many people think of when they think of an official 'group'), a group of friends/ friend of friends... etc.

    And I did take 1:1 literally -- for me, 1:1 would be 1:1 time just me and the other person. I'm totally not opposed to doing things as part of a small group / group activities can be really fun, but I wouldn't ever call a group activity '1:1 time'. Without getting into detail on it, it's not like I'm actually going to get to know someone really well or 'seduce' them (lol) unless we break apart from the group / we do our own thing.

    So... I kinda get the OP, but at the same time, I wasn't really sure how accurate it really was, which is why I posted what I did (esp since both myself and another so/sp early on in the thread didn't relate to the so/sp description at all).
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    I didn’t think you were being nitpicky or didn’t comprehend the OP

    I actually agreed with your sentiments! I would imagine the many facets of seductions and preferences people have would be difficult to describe simply…

    I used to be obsessed with the topic of seduction after watching some TED talks on it. I would frequently grill friends on what it meant to them. I quickly realized that, most everyone had completely varying views on what seduction consisted of:

    -liking to observe someone before getting to know them better
    -getting the person alone, to find out everything about them
    -being properly seduced with a good meal of a food they liked
    -sensual whispering.
    -clothes that were tight and revealing
    -outfits that were flattering but left much to the imagination
    -maintaining direct eye contact; without physical touch initially
    -direct and lingering touches

    and so on and so on.

    Our subsets do play a role. As do: how our first experiences shape us, the values of the environment we grew up in, what things we are exposed to, how other’s react to us…

    All those aspects involve different levels of social interaction and a large degree of personal preference. Challenging to “categorize”!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Krim13 View Post
    So. Apparently the sp/sx are more likely to study at distance before they more actively decide to pursue, do to self preservation being foremost. . . hadn't crossed my mind earlier but aha. That's why other females I was interested in in the past ended up figuring many times that I wasn't interested in them when I was. I can't just jump in and pounce like some people can. Too cautious. Too risky. Need to test the waters, of which generally ends up a great test of their patience. I study. study. Then claim. If the opportunity hasn't predictably slipped away that is...

    And yes... One on one is my only way of anything like 'seduction'. I'm extremely private when it comes to showing much affection. Which also has bothered some.
    I agree as I'm also sp/sx but I'm not so afraid of those risks so much. I chalk this up to the 8. But I do study closely because I want to body language to tell me the story. I don't care for indecision so yes, I can see others having problems with that. It would be tremendously helpful for you to verbalize what you're doing to some degree. Then women wouldn't feel like you are dicking around and fucking with them.
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    I would agree with the sx/sp and sp/sx style.

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    I typically hone in on one man and seduce him through wit, flirting, and often carefully placed overt notes of sexuality. When I was younger, I would use some playful teasing too (as in making fun of him in a harmless way). It's always been me who has said to men "so, when are you gonna ask me out/ask me to be your girlfriend?" All of a sudden, I find myself much more hesitant to use these methods to "catch" a mate, mostly because I don't wanna settle down with the wrong guy, so instead there is a longer screening process now. It's kind of strange for me because I am used to being extremely confident and in control of the situation - I still am, but it's... a bit different. Doesn't help at all that I am drawn to two men simultaneously atm. It's probably going to boil down to who pursues me harder or wins me over with something special character wise. Guess I'll have to wait and see. Fuck, maybe I'll walk away from both...
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    I'm sx/so xD

    Geez. But I'm trying to limit myself now. Before it's easy for me to ask the guy i like. XD which in return also likes me. [emoji14]

    But I'm limiting myself now. Because i don't wanna have heartaches again. Hahahahahaha

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    Sx/So and yeah, pretty accurate, infiltrate, befriend 'target', slide in what seem to be Freudian slips to convey the message, tell shitty jokes that target that person to the whole group, generally, yeah, your description is accurate, then when there's a 3rd opportunity make a move, first chance could be mistake, second could be too soon, but third means they put themselves in a situation for someone to make a move multiple times, so i go for it then, had never thought about it as predator/prey hunting style lol.

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    I'm awful at communicating. Makes me anxious as hell. Usually I just end up studying anyone I'm obsessed with, to learn as much about them as possible. I feel like the moment I give my intentions away, I'm creating a connection the other person was in no way prepared for and will immediately lose it.
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    I think I'm too clueless to pull any of these off.
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