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    Quote Originally Posted by LeaT View Post
    I honestly wish there was a good exhaustive place online for information about the instinctual variants. What I know is what I've gleaned from other people more knowledgeable than I, judging their information as accurate and putting two and two together. As I do with all other forms of information, but the certain lack of information about instincts in particular that is not simple-minded (sx types always desire intimacy! so types to belong to a group! sp types safety and security!).
    Instinct theory still seems 'young' to me, like it really hasn't been figured out/ fully fleshed out yet. There are a lot of different theories/ ways of explaining it. And with that comes a lot of contradiction, far more so than I see in the enneagram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleuthiness View Post
    Where have you lived and traveled and mi/km radius of findings
    How long have you studied stackings, and for how long before or since the enneagram
    With whom do you communicate your findings, how and what do corespondents know
    Characteristics thereof, i.e clothing, car driven, kids?, businesses they frequent, etc etc.
    Thoughts: so-doms are hardwired specifically for collaboration, so of course they'll seem numerous. Hypotheses: sx/sp 5s flock to Portland purely for the dubstep and cheap marijuana, sp/so 5s to Seattle for the fresh air and rain-mandated isolation. sp/so 1s breathe structure, mass transit and cockroaches so LA, Chicago, NYC. We know one Florida county has the most Facebook likes for football's ny giants because it's where all the old banker jews specifically go to die, so what's inhibiting us from drawing up other fun correlations. In my case, butts.
    If you're treating this seriously, fellow nf, assuming you've already researched this to the nth, thrown yourself into unknown territory and engaged rather than pull the inconspicuously stake out a corner in sunglasses self-abstinence routine-- plot your data and present it like any dumpy scientist would for our viewing pleasure. I'm almost interested in a plan if anyone else is similarly bored with the bullshit speculation fairytail nowhere threads.
    this is just speculation to be honest. anyone with hard data to present is welcome to do so

    Quote Originally Posted by Such Irony View Post
    I'm not sure about the actual percentages, but I agree that sp/so and so/sp are probably more common in the real world. I think SX/SO is probably the rarest variant of them all.
    On forums like this, you get an overabundance of people claiming to be SX first or SO last, probably because those types have descriptions that make them seem more unique.
    It's kind of analogous to the over-abundance of N's on forums.
    I've seen alot of instances where someone claims to be SX first and it's clear they are not that. On the other hand, I almost never see instances where someone claiming to be SP or SO first, is actually SX first.
    I'm a bit puzzled by this myself. I'm not sure why more people don't want to be Sp dom. they seem like the most competent, independent and pragmatic of the instincts
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    For one tagged sx/so, I may go back to my sources for a quick double check with these estimates/consensuses in mind because I know my old habits a little better than I know my stacking. I'll open up and admit that it happens with great consistency that I settle on types first from the descriptions and afterwards find out that it's probably super low frequency in the population. Probabilistically, the cause is more likely a subconscious nose for the unique ones than my always being right. My goal is to break this habit with knowledge...unless, of course, said knowledge confirms that I actually am weird.

    Groaning about it because I doubt I'm the only one.
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    Sounds good to me

    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    So/Sp: 23%
    So/Sx: 20%
    I found this interesting, though. I've always thought so/sx as the stereotypical "female" variant. Haven't really seen much outside America, though. Cultural differences and shit.
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