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    Quote Originally Posted by Proffesor Crackpot View Post
    Hey Swordsman Of Mana! Type me! I'm TheWanderering______ on PerC.
    ENFP: We put the Fi in Fire
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grublet View Post
    Is it not possible to have sappy, romantic "true love" in a polyamorous relationship?
    Me too, possible!

    And I am 7 sx (still a novice into enneagram) and most of the time a B. Of course I can be an A sometimes.
    ENTP, 7 sx

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    I guess I'm a blend? But it's never like I'm in a happy medium, it's like I want both things at once or fluctuate between extremes.

    In outlook, mind you. I have a "tame" little LTR going on throughout all this.
    Be soft. Do not let the world make you hard. Do not let pain make you hate. Do not let the bitterness steal your sweetness." ― Kurt Vonnegut

    ENFP. 7w6 – 4w3 – 1w9 sx/so. Aries. Dilettante. Overly anxious optimist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    basically, I've noticed there are two types of Sx doms

    A) pair bonding, monogamous, searching for "true love". basically, all that sappy romance novel stuff
    B) wild, intensity junky, promiscuous, "sex drugs and rock and roll"

    what do you think?
    They are the same people at different stages of their life.

    First they are intensity junkies - wild, untamed, seeking for new connections everywhere. Then after some time they "overdose" on it. They discover that these highs are temporary and often bittersweet. This is when they become the second type of sx: monogamous, devout, seeking that one pure experience.

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    I have 7w6 floating around somewhere in my tri-type, and I'm also an Sx-dom, so for whatever it's worth - I probably fall more under category B.

    I can still be a good girlfriend; I love spending time with a significant other, and I've never cheated on anyone. However, the "comfortable" stage of relationships makes me decidedly uncomfortable, and that's usually when I begin to feel that I need to escape (if that's even the right word). I need novelty, I guess. So anyone I ultimately end up with had better be the adventurous sort. Avoiding routine helps a lot.

    I don't dream about the possibility of one true love. I don't believe in soul-mates, and I still can't imagine settling down with someone permanently. The idea makes me feel frightened and confined, not warm and fuzzy.

    To summarize:

    Life is short
    Sex is fun
    Drop your pants
    Let's get this done
    Ni > Se > Fe > Ti
    7w6 cp
    so SX it hurts
    Chaotic Good

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    no, not I'm talking about Sx/Sp vs Sx/So.

    basically, I've noticed there are two types of Sx doms

    A) pair bonding, monogamous, searching for "true love". basically, all that sappy romance novel stuff
    B) wild, intensity junky, promiscuous, "sex drugs and rock and roll"

    what do you think?

    - I think the first type tend to be 2s, 4s and 9s while the second type tend to be 3s, 6s, 7s and 8s
    - also, this isn't a black and white categorization. there are plenty of Sx doms somewhere in the middle, but, at the very least, this seems to be an easily noticeable spectrum.
    funny, I was thinking about EXACTLY this, and wondering if that's where a lot of the disagreement came from (I could go into socionics, but I won't on this post)
    but yeah, I am more obviously the first type
    EII | INFP
    4w5-9w1-6w5 sx/so

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    A) pair bonding, monogamous, searching for "true love". basically, all that sappy romance novel stuff
    I'm this to an extreme, but the reference to romance novel is quite unappealing. The way I give myself to a partner would utterly destroy me if I did that for strangers. I don't feel any reciprocity from strangers, but they tend to feel empty to me. I feel diminished by surface level attraction. When in school I went on a date with a guy who was a smooth operator and I remember he told me I was "pretty and smart", and while it was a 'nice' compliment, it felt really bland and generic because it could plausibly describe every woman in the entire university.

    Certain kinds of intensity are relaxing to me in a way that I rarely feel simpatico with other people. I did have moments of true intensity with exes and in some cases it did get me into some trouble. The simplest one to talk about wasn't a problem - I loved going to metal concerts with my ex at the local club. He liked Black Metal and Death Metal, etc. , and I found it very relaxing. Unfortunately our actual connection didn't have that intensity.

    I think my emotional sensitivity is core to my intensity, so it doesn't work for shallow encounters, even ones that are supposed to feel like a carnival ride. Physical intensity does matter, which is why I always loved gymnastics and dance. But I'm not drawn towards pure physical intensity without any emotional intensity. This is why I prefer dance to sports. I'd rather become a contortionist than a bungee jumper.

    Circus life under the big top world
    We all need the clowns to make us smile
    Through space and time, always another show
    Wondering where I am, lost without you

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