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    And since I always feel like I want to experience more of this, want to connect more upon first thought, but then after reading more and more about it, find it a little absurd and turned that because I'm (probably) Sx last? Or is that just values, or any unknowable combination of things? Or could that fall into the category Elfboy describes above?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cimarron View Post
    Can someone explain this in English? I have heard the phrase a lot lately. "Merging" with people makes some sense (kind of), but it's also applied to things/activities. How does that work?
    For me sx and "merging" is as follows:

    - It's a complete loss of sense of time and place when I'm in the presence of someone I'm connecting with on an intellectual or emotional level.

    - It's a sense of feeling of loss at the idea of being away from my partner for an extended period. It's like I start feeling like I'm suffocating without her presence. I have a long trip coming up on Friday which means that I won't be able to talk to her for 24-30 hours straight and am already getting a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach at the thought of being away from her for so long

    - It's mistaken for clingyness by non Sx-doms --- especially so/sp's who I have an extremely hard time getting along with as I perceive them as flighty and non-serious about intimate relationships.

    - Only other sx's and sx/sp's can keep up with my required intensity of socializing and sharing experiences with them

    - I start losing my sense of reality and purpose of being and start getting depressed and feeling even unloved when I'm not engaged in some form of sexual behaviour [flirting/dirty talking/sexting etc] with my partner for an extended period

    - My need for new experiences isn't that great, but the need for high intensity experiences is very great. Example, I will enjoy myself at a dance club if I'm really in the mood ... but I may enjoy a simple, intimate get-together with someone else at a coffee shop if I really like them [that's probably sx/sp combined].

    Overall, I think merging is feeling a sense of complete one-ness with another person. Having them be a part of your life, your thoughts, your plans --- and even every waking moment. And this kind of emotional bonding is not only exclusive for my SO. I can compartmentalize my feelings. Even my platonic relationships with other women are sometimes mistaken for romantic ones. I'm also a giver/creator of high intensity experiences for other people by digging as deep into their personality/psyche as I possibly can by getting them to divulge the most personal details of their lives to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlackCat View Post
    An sx person will get so into something that they want, that they will want to basically immerse themselves in it. This can be a person, an interest, etc.
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