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    5w4 sx/sp


    I'm new to enneagram. I tested 5w6 first, but subsequent tests put me at 5w4 sx/sp. Reading the type 5 sx/sp description, I think I've verified that part is spot on, sometimes painfully so. Thanks for posting.

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    I think I'm either Sp/Sx or Sp/So.
    Tentative typing: ISFJ 6w5 or 9w1 (Sp/S[?]).

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    Bliss Stream does some pretty bomb descriptions for 9s (and I believe 6s, possibly) over at Personality Cafe.

    9w8 sx/sp

    This 9 stack receives life without hesitation. They exert very little control over their emotional lives and prefer to give themselves total freedom to experience real responses and feelings. They can have an electricity about them that is both simple and regal, being able to unconsciously convey who they are without saying much.

    They don't try to walk or move in an artificial way. They often have a great sense of humour and will push themselves to enjoy the same things as their significant others. Playfulness is especially high with this stack. But they are more rigid about who they give their energy to and are drawn to people who have similar experiences as them. This type can relate to common experience at a nonverbal level, giving them room to create a sense of harmony with others even with those who speak different languages.

    They also have a savvy business sense. And in spite of their liberal attitudes, they can have an old-fashioned approach to raising family and will give more than themselves to those they care about, often finding it very difficult to break away...Can feel oppressed, as they don't often get to do what they want for long periods of time. Sense of being reincarnated in life all the time, redefining themselves out of necessity.

    This type views their realness as having a large potential to reach people who are going through the same problems. Just knowing that gives them more room to be a little 'crazy.' Because they know that they truly aren't alone in their 'craziness.' Fear of pretending in relatonships, just going through the motions. Loses a sense of identity by giving so much of their openness and love to family or lover. It causes them to be overly sensitive to rejection, so constantly looking to do the perfect thing, which can inevitably lead to a break down. The loss of a relationship can devastate them. They may break down into a zombie-like state for years upon end and ultimately do the inevitable unless they can find something to keep them sane.
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    Of the three ranges of sx/sp I suppose I am the middle due to my midrange to high-midrange sp scores.

    sx/sp mystifier (midrange) - the range where the mystique of the sx/sp stack is at its strongest. unconsciously attracts with intense eye contact and other sx feelers, but holds back enough to give them a kind of untouchable or hard to get close to quality. depending on their true intentions this can either frustrate their sx or reward their functional sp cooling system. like midrangers of all stacks, there's a seemingly casual approach to meeting their variant needs as the secondary instinct is kept both in play and at bay, and others may wonder what they really want.

    from here:

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    9w1 sx/so


    that's an interesting read mia
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    Damn, that was an interesting read, @Mia.

    I've known the instincts aren't just simple binary yes/no things, or simple ranked things (sx>so>sp), but that, properly understood, there should be a level to each of them (I usually think of it as each person gets 100 "instinct points", and has to divide them however they will among the three [well, it's not really a choice, but you get what I mean]), but I hadn't actually seen someone address them based on the differing amount of "points" you have for each instinct until this stuff (I'd been wanting to find something like this, but had never come across it). Anyway, thanks for finding/sharing.

    I think I'd be a "fireside" sx/so.

    I believe I took one of those tests where they measure the level of the instincts, and my sx was through the roof, and my so and sp were actually kinda close, far lower down (something like a 3 or 4:1:1 ratio).

    fireside sx/so - strong sx, weak soc and weaker sp. pulls from sp/sx shadow to intensify sx. exhibitionism, wild abandon, most 'on fire' of all stacks or stack ranges.

    flirter sx/so - strong sx, moderate soc, weak sp. highly sociable and extroverted per type, flirtatious interaction style, more coy than firesiders but more risque than coolsiders.

    coolside sx/so - strong sx, strong soc, weak sp. pulls from so/sp secondary, political activist streak, 'cooled' by soc with some intellectual reserve, channels sx into social causes.
    Another interesting little piece from further down:


    'yin mode of seducing' is actually a bit redundant, but is meant to emphasize the receptive nature of sx/sp even at the overtly sexual range.

    example, say a marilyn monroe who is perceived as hypersexualized, yet was fairly passive in a seductive style or 'yin mode' of drawing a pursuer rather than doing the pursuing. a sx/so would tend to act in the yang or pursuing role. same game but different roles.

    the tractor beam of the seducer is like an event horizon, few can ignore their pull. the sx/so counterpart is the fireside range, a blazing yang which is sharply polarizing in its attracting/repulsing effect. like a test to reveal its true mates, the sx/so fire burns the wood and spares the gold.

    seducer - sx with no brakes
    mystifier - sx with an emergency break
    wanderer - sx with brakes
    p.s. btw, there's a lot of other good information on that blog, if you keep scrolling down. the format's kinda shitty, cuz it looks like the author just copied and pasted a a series of emails, so a lot of it is just reposting the same material that had already appeared before, but, if you can work your way through it, there's some pretty good stuff. i found a description of 6w5s that might be the best description i've ever seen. it fit me to a tee.
    "I trust what you are doing though…I just see it a little differently.
    I don’t see it as you stepping away from the fire. I see it as the fire directing your course.
    No matter how airy or earthy or watery you become... to many of us you will always be...a super nova."

    "Behind these gates of seeming warmth sits, loosely chained, a fierce attack dog. Perhaps not crazy, but dangerous"

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    584 sx/sp
    ILI Ni


    Very cool and fits quite well.

    From Mia's link.

    sx/sp wanderer (strong sp) - the most clasically 'blocked' of the sx's, often exchanging intimacy in favor of the more immediate pleasures of the body. paradoxically the most wandering and restless of the sx/sp's. pulls from sp/so to ensure the sx flood is contained by the sp levee, which can provide a sense of stability at the expense of seeming put off by others. sex can mean a hollow satisfying of the instinct while more vulnerable feelings are suspended. quietly charged but muted, and can seem self pres first.
    INTJ 5w4 sx/sp 584 ILI-Ni

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mia. View Post
    i've been testing sx/sp lately.
    but i can't really tell if i'm sx/sp
    or sx/so

    if sx/sp i think i'd be this range:

    sx/sp seducer (weak sp) - sx in full command produces an active recruiter of potential mates; but being sx/sp this remains in the yin mode of seducing. charismatic and overtly sexualized, arguably the most purely sx of all stacks and ranges. draws from so/sx shadow to liven up sx into an erotic playfulness and to keep sx far ahead of their relatively nominal sp. an emotional yearning to their mating ritual; an inherently unstable range that can lead to a pattern of serial heartbreak. often confused for sx/so.
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    9w1 sp/sx


    That IS an interesting further breakdown of instincts.

    From that, I'm either -

    sp/so weakside (strong soc) - draws from so/sx to produce what is overall a lighter, friendlier, and more humor employing style within self pres (though funny through conscious effort and without much irony, unlike strongsiders who are relatively less aware of how they're perceived). can seem more sociable than many so/sp's, and better embodying of a common touch. a notable degree of social consciousness tempers their more private security seeking instinct, so not surprisingly weaksiders can seem soc first, often with a certain generous or self sacrificial quality. the self deprecator, the sidekick, the philanthropist.


    sp/sx ascetic (weak sx) - mimics sp/so building of career and security, with an eye on advancement in the name of self sufficiency, but little or no concern for status as in the case of so/sp. generally serious but enjoys being amused by others.


    The strong and midline sp/so I don't really identify with, because I don't care about status or solely 'building a home' and towing the company line and other such things (blech) - nor do I think I truly jive with the celebrities listed for them. But, I'm definitely not a strong sp/sx either - would be the ascetic of those three.
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    6w7 sx/sp


    sp/soc: The most straightfoward in language, with relatively little trills and embellishments. Points made directly and from personal experience. Business-like. Clear. Cynical. Lacking in internal experience compared to other stackings.

    sp/sx: Comes out as somewhat heavy and gloomy, or cool and detached. Often gives out a suffocating and insular vibe, as if their internal world is wrapped around by an impermeable membrane. Strong sensory impressions designed to awake sexuality. Makes one want to linger on one or two lines forever.

    soc/sp: Tangential. Lots of details and analysis. Very in-their-head and intellectual, and lacks sensuality. Comes across as level-headed and unspontaneous, but also with personal warmth. Their written works often require a great deal of mental concentration from the readers.

    soc/sx: The word "fantastical" comes to mind. Lots of virtuosity and trills, and often removed from the real world. One is whirled away by the dazzling fairies of their colorful imagination. Can be too rich in imagery for their own good. Sustained dramatic power due to their knowledge of interpersonal dynamics.

    sx/sp: Intense, often a stab-in-the-chest sensation, leaving me in tears without knowing why. Fantastical but much more concentrated in a few inner images. Can be abstract, animating dead objects into their field of contemplation. Embodiment of another human, thing, or idea is common in their writings.

    sx/soc: My impression of their writing is "fire-and-ice", as if one is to experience the extremes of heat and coldness at the same time. Often abstract, spilling one inner vision after another like a dream-sequence. Seems particularly in touch with the core meaning of life and death
    EsTP 6w7 Sx/Sp

    Chaotic Neutral

    E=60% S=55% T=70% P=80%

    "I don't believe in guilt, I only believe in living on impulses"

    "Stereotypes about personality and gender turn out to be fairly accurate: ... On the binary Myers-Briggs measure, the thinking-feeling breakdown is about 30/70 for women versus 60/40 for men." ~ Bryan Caplan

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