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    I'm a sp/so and likely a fairly obvious sx blind. I've considered so/sp especially when I was younger just because I desired to be more soc (and also because sp isn't a glove fit I guess) and then again along sp/sx when I read into controflow theory. I think I'm a pretty standard sp/so though, despite me having some characteristics that could be mistaken for soc blindness, I think it would be hard for me to argue that I wasn't sx blind. In all the personality theories it's probably the one typing that I relate to most and decently well, which is a lot coming out of my mouth.
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    On the most superficial level of the instincts, I would be sp/sx and social blind because I've never related to group dynamics, being naturally turned off by it, and am way more comfortable one-to-one or by myself. I've never cared much about getting involved in such environments until I got older, or even things like labels. I wonder if this is something I've always been deprived of, and perhaps could be why I have a greater interest in social instinct related things now. On tests, I often get sp first as my result.

    However, digging deeper in terms of enneagram subtypes, I mostly relate to the social 4 subtype based on the general descriptions of it being the most sensitive of the 4s and having big dreams to contribute something on a larger scale. I also feel like a fish out of water almost everywhere and have somewhat of an awareness of social standing while being pretty cautious about it, but then I often question that particular aspect on group awareness because everyone is aware on some level, I'd assume. In my case, I'm not sure in what capacity.

    Under the subtype descriptions for social 4s, I relate to the so/sp description the most. I know for certain I have sp in my stacking in the top two somewhere because I'm naturally a very inward person with a need for strong boundaries in order to protect myself. Plus, my desires to seek outward or merge with others are more idealized in my head than something I actively seek myself. Moreover, I'm fairly intimacy avoidant, prioritize my own comfort, and am highly into self-care and health. On the other end, I also relate to the self-destructive side of self-preservation, being totally aware of it and wanting to desperately fix it. But then I still relate to sx 4 things like passion, competitiveness, concerns with being sexually appealing, and hot and cold inclinations. :/

    Overall, I can relate to each instinct considerably well, being able to identify various traits from each of them. Although, it makes it exceedingly difficult to decipher my exact stacking for this reason. At this point, I've accepted that I just may never know.
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    I'm doing these for fun...

    Self-Preservation (Need to protect and preserve)
    1. Do you tend to save money and are cautious about spending it? no, though I guess I should be
    2. Are you security oriented? Ready to protect yourself, those close to you and your resources? not really
    3. Are you fairly consistent? Like things known and regular? No big changes? I like changes
    4. Do you dislike taking big risks unless it's a "sure" thing? kind of? what kind of risks? Risk if my career depended on it? no. Risk with something else? maybe. It really depends.
    5. Are you fairly private? Not revealing too much to strangers? online I guess I have revealed some things, though I do like to write I suppose. In person, it depends. One on one, I can reveal things if I feel like it. Socially/group-wise I am quiet.
    6. Do you tend to be introverted? yes
    7. Do you understand money? Securities? Investments? not yet
    8. Do you tend to plan for the future? Ready for emergencies? no, or a little bit, def. no for emergencies.
    9. Are you concerned about health? Safety? Comfort? Home? Hearth? somewhat (health).
    10. Are you worried about what may go wrong? Tend to imagine worse case scenarios? yup.
    11. Do you like things spelled out? Details? Exact information? Guarantees? details not required but guarantees are nice I suppose.
    12. In relationships do you take care of others financially? nope.

    Social (Need for Social Validation) - Can show up with strong focus on groups, organizations, family, world, friends, your surroundings, your social image
    1. Do you need or really like social validation? what exactly do you mean? I struggle with invalidation (not having as solid of a self-concept due to insecure attachment) so I seek validation in that sense. I don't particularly "need" validation of being a "socially, nice kind, generous person." If I am those things, it's usually a personal choice. But I guess I can have distaste for certain kinds of group public shaming behaviors, react pretty strongly to those.
    2. Is social image important to you? barely
    3. Do you have desires/fantasies of being rewarded in a social or public arena? a tiny bit
    4. Do you think about your affect on others, groups, organizations, and the world? yes
    5. Is it very important to you to look good in public, groups, work, and the world? Is name recognition important, either yours or others? name rec. not important though I do have this thing about being able to express my voice, but that's not about whether or not people like that, just that I need to do that. So "recognition" in that sense I guess, but I don't seek recognition or achievement generally speaking.
    6. Are you upset if you don't get enough validation, reward for the hard and creative work you do in a social context or for a social cause? no
    7. Are you involved in groups, organizations and team oriented activities? no, unless this forum counts
    8. Is belonging to special groups or being a leader of a group important to you? no
    9. Are you strongly upset if you feel not included or rejected by a group or family or not invited to a social event? i can be a little upset, it depends on what group that is.
    10. Do you make your money through your association with groups affecting a large number of people? no
    11. Do you get really upset if you make a social faux pas? Do you think about and plan out how you will be or present yourself in public? yeah I can get really easily embarrassed.
    12. Are you the social instigator and connector in your family? nope

    Relationship (Need for 1 to 1 or Relationship Closeness)
    1. Do you define yourself through a romantic or close partnership? Is closeness with another person of paramount importance? yes
    2. Do you like intense energy, particularly in relating to people? Are you energized when you have a revealing conversation or engagement with another, particularly a special other? yes
    3. Do you tend to focus more attention on close relationships than money? of course
    4. Does money relate to how a partner will see you more than security for yourself? i don't think about money currently
    5. Are money and resources less for self and more to please an intimate other? see above
    6. Does your attention go more to how well you relate to a partner or potential partner than to other concerns? yes
    7. Would others describe you as dramatic? Do you like to go deep with things? idk how others would describe me, yes to the second one
    8. Do you tend to be in the moment and not think as much about the future or your future security? yes
    9. Do you have an urge to merge? Do you "lose yourself" with an important other at times? yup
    10. Do you like risk taking? New experiences? Tend to get bored without enough stimulation particularly in the area of relationships? yup
    11. Are you focused more on connection with another and forget your own priorities? what do you mean by "your own priorities"; wouldn't the priority be the other person...?
    12. Do you focus a lot on sexuality, romantic fantasies or mystical spiritual experiences? second specially.
    EII | INFP
    4w5-9w1-6w5 sx/so

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