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    I agree with the above. Subtypes have a compulsive quality in that they protect us from our core fears, just like enneagram.
    Sx core fear: I am disconnection/Obscuring identity: I am connection
    Sp core fear: I am insecure, dependent/Oscuring identity: I am secure/autonomous
    So core fear: I am unbelongingness/Obscuring identity: I participate and belong

    I think that there is an overlap in the way people are seeing Fe types play out, assuming the So subtype would naturally go hand in hand with Fe. Fe isn't based on fears, its a cog preference that more research is linking to neural activity, and would probably serve to, by its very nature, help someone NOT be an So type.. But this just a random idea I'm throwing out, so I wouldn't argue it =)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Elfboy View Post
    your tact, calm yet cheerful demeanor and lack of a "she's a freak" vibe let me to guess you were So/Sx rather than Sx first. Sx doms are less diplomatic, more fiery and Sx 7s often have a touch of histrionics in there that you lack completely.

    I find the bolded part strangely disappointing.

    Quote Originally Posted by mmhmm View Post
    i've also wondered if it was my upbringing that's made me tapped
    in to the social instinct. i've never desired to be part of a group
    or understood how some people have this desire to "belong".
    but i also understood it was expected of me, and i learned how to
    work it to get what i needed.

    i'm definitely all about one on one intimacy, always have been,
    so i'm positive i'm SX primary. but what comes after that leaves
    me a little puzzled...
    First, Asian high five! :highfive:

    Second, for the bolded part, it's not necessarily that Ive felt a need for groups or to belong. I think ENFPs instinctively feel a part of humanity and love people in general even if it's hard to to like some individuals? Feeling compassion for...humanity in general common for NFPs? thats regardless of instinctual type. Yeah you can gag if you want.

    Also, I've been an independent agent since I was a child. I did and still do my own thing. However, I have always liked getting groups of people together, helping out with school dances, being part of certain school activities that require a group like theater troupe. I organized a girls sports clinic in highschool,stuff like that. On another "group" level Ive been political since prepubescence, and it wasn't due to exposure or mentorship, it was organic.I realized I was SO after thinking about it and in a way I spend as much if not more time and energy with "groups" than I did with individuals, and even then it's more concentrated with a few individuals.

    I don't always necessarily seek to be part of a group but when I am stuck in a group I am rarely disruptive unless I'm consciously trying to and I know what I'm doing. I do envy the SX ? Seeming ability to not even care..not be self-conscious of rules and expectations and how others are reacting to things etc? I'm too aware of these things sometimes. Supposedly in a past life I lived in a religious community which is an analogy I understand.

    Do people call you intense, Mmmhmm? Or just Jock? :P.
    “If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you.” ― Oscar Wilde

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    Quote Originally Posted by CzeCze View Post
    I LIKE that kind of stuff, including tradition and I like etiquette generally. I understand the need for social customs and rules of engagement.
    That stuff makes me want to gag.

    Some xNFPs have more or less a blind spot or openly are defiant to these things.
    Ain't that the truth!
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