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Thread: Social-last 3?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cloud of Thunder View Post
    What makes a Sx/Sp or Sp/Sx 3w2 or 3w4 different from the 3's which more often utilize the Social instinct? I ask because it seems that out of all the E-types, it seems that 3's depend on that instinct the most. Can any 3's here elaborate on this?
    They are going to be a mix of the sx-3 and sp-3 described here:

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    There are three or four threads where I could've put this thought, but.. here it is.

    It turns out that I relate to the sp/sx description on ocean-moonshine here:
    This subtype also focuses on material success but is overall less concerned with status. These Threes often try to do it all, be the perfect mother or father for instance, while working many hours, and maintaining relationships with friends and family. This subtype is prone to double and triple booking the hours of the day. Their sense of style is quite apparent. You may see them having quite a talent for design and creativity especially, where it comes to their homes and appearance. They take their relationships seriously, but when unbalanced can become cold when their self-pres instinct is threatened in any way. With the social instinct being last, they can have a distrust of new people within their circle of influence. Their focus is not naturally in the social arena, so this can unnerve the self-pres/sexual Three.
    This reads to me like a desire for inner perfectionism, unhealthily gauged in terms of outer perfectionism. Less focus on 'status' as per the stereotypical 3.

    But I don't relate to the overall sp tendency for 'materialism.'

    Who knows! I'm open to learning more about the so-last 3. Maybe I've got my instincts all backwards.

    edit: Yeah, from another thread (kudos to @mia), this seals it:
    sp/sx ascetic (weak sx) - mimics sp/so building of career and security, with an eye on advancement in the name of self sufficiency, but little or no concern for status as in the case of so/sp. generally serious but enjoys being amused by others.
    quote: "looking out for number one."
    pulls from: so/sp, to mute sx
    role: the island, the one-man enterprise
    exemplars: tiger woods, jerry west, hugh heffner, evel knievel, paul newman, george lucas, johnny carson
    fictional from star wars: boba fett

    sp/sx binger (midline) - can 'hang out' around likeminded persons to imbibe in favorite goodies, though social interaction itself is not a priority. they do however remain slyly conscious of interpersonal attraction, even if characteristically hesitant to make a first move. whether alone or not, retains an air of privacy, reluctant to 'come out' of themselves.
    quote: "all things in moderation, including moderation."
    role: the soloist, the mercenary
    exemplars: kobe bryant, anthony bourdain, simon cowell, robert deniro, harrison ford, ralph nader
    fictional from star wars: han solo

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