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    Certified Sausage Smoker Elfboy's Avatar
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    Nov 2008
    5w4 sx/sp
    SLI None


    ESTJ: So/Sp
    ISTJ: Sp/So
    ESFJ: So/Sx
    ISFJ: So/Sx

    ESFP: So/Sx
    ISFP: Sx/Sp
    ESTP: Sx/So
    ISTP: Sx/Sp

    ENFJ: So/Sx
    INFJ: Sp/Sx
    ENFP: So/Sx
    INFP: Sx/Sp

    ENTP: Sp/So
    INTP: Sp/So
    ENTJ: Sp/So
    INTJ: Sp/Sx

    general correlations
    So: E, SF
    Sp: I, NT
    Sx: FP, SP
    ENFP: We put the Fi in Fire
    5w4>1w9>2w1 Sx/Sp
    Papa Bear
    Motivation: Dark Worker
    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    Chibi Seme
    MTG Color: black/red
    Male Archtype: King/Lover
    "You are a gay version of Gambit" Speed Gavroche
    "I wish that I could be affected by any hate, but I can't, cuz I just get affected by the bank" Chamillionaire

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    748 sx/so


    You have:
    - 6 So/Sx
    - 1 So/Sp

    - 4 Sp/So
    - 2 Sp/Sx

    - 3 Sx/Sp
    - 1 Sx/So

    You have:
    11 Sx
    11 So
    10 Sp

    Is there any reason why each combination has different frequencies of distribution? You gave the individual stackings equal distribution. So are you making a statement? Is it proven that certain combinations (So/Sx followed by Sp/So and then Sx/Sp) are more frequent? Also, you gave more importance of Sp as a dominant stacking (8) followed by So (7) and then Sx (4). Likewise, are you saying Sx-doms are a minority? This doesn't make much sense since you associate them with SP, that are very common in the population....actually, if this logic is to make sense then Sp-doms should be the less common type....

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