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Thread: Sp/Sx or Sx/Sp

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    Default Sp/Sx or Sx/Sp

    I've been starting to doubt if I'm Self Preservation. Perhaps I'm a Sexual variant

    Self Preservation
    - I'm all about getting money
    - I don't like most people at all
    - I place my own needs before others 98% of the time
    - I'm focused on building my finances before pursuing a relationship
    - I think self sacrificing people are stupid
    - I would never die for a cause
    - I'm very focused on "building my house": acquiring wealth and value, learning survival skills, improving my living conditions
    - I need to be comfortable or I am very unhappy
    - I care more about things and ideas that people. if I had to make the choice, a lonely rich man is much better off than a poor man with a lot of friends
    - gaining independence in all forms is top priority before all else

    - WAY more affectionate than most 8s
    - always related to she wolves, tigresses and other ferocious animal mothers even though I'm a guy
    - prefer dating guys who are 1-3 years younger that sort of need a guide to take care of them
    - if you mess with someone I will die
    - enjoy forplay, romance and intimate connection just as much as sex
    - love small animals and children (no, not in that way)
    - fall very naturally into the older brother role.
    - enjoy snuggling
    - relate a lot to most sexual 8s I've met
    - I don't like to admit it, but sometimes I get lonely and wish someone would hug me
    - if I ever have kids, I'm making sure to get their needs met before my own (but this is the only instance in which I would do so)

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    Wow, sounds like your fairly close on the two, you may want to check out this site, it gives descriptions of the enneagram + wings and the varients that go along with them

    Originally posted by Elfboy
    love small animals and children (no, not in that way)
    Pedophile! *throws rocks*

    I don't like to admit it, but sometimes I get lonely and wish someone would hug me
    Same here dude

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