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    The need to be self-reliant is very much a 5 wing thing, too. I don't know how you determine the difference between the pull of your wing and the pull of your variants. What makes me think I don't have SP in the top two has less to do with the fact of feeling the need to be an individual, do my own thing (cause that is a HUGE pull for me) and more to do with the fact that I am inconsistent in my desires and tend toward the impractical side of things (but being impractical is also a 5 trait).

    I am less of a social pleaser than you, it seems, but I think socionics type SEI is more like that, anyway. I also believe in being polite, but if I disagree with someone, my tendency is to speak my mind vs not. I know social isn't my dominant because being spurned by an individual who matters to me destroys me far more than disapproval of the group. I am not a team player in any way, I always need to assert my individuality (but that's also a 4 thing).

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    I don't know why not knowing bothers me... as it seems as though there is little to gain out of knowing. But it's driving me crazy that I can't figure it out.

    I prefer one on one interaction to group interactions... is that SX or being an introvert?
    I love to spend time alone and often prefer it to group or one on one interaction... is that SP or introversion/withdrawn nature?
    I worry about what others think of me and overanalyze my interactions with others... is that SO or insecurity?
    I feel like life is dull when I lack feeling strong emotions... is that SX?
    But, my life used to feel like a constant roller coaster ride and through buddhism and other philosophies, I've learned to slow this crazy ride... is that SX or SP?
    I used to spend a great amount of time alone and go on adventures by myself and not really think much of the fact that I was alone... is this SP?
    Though I play to the crowd, I usually play more towards one in particular... is this SO or SX?
    I always feel as though there's one person that stands out to me in a room, and I become incredibly curious... is this SX?
    I typically feel pretty confident when I'm on my own, but I want so badly to also hear a lover confirm my confidence, and I hate seeing the things I like or who I am come under scrutiny...
    I want so badly to find a soul mate, a one true love, that I hope to not only meet in this life, but knew in a past life, and will find them again in a future life... but then feel torn in wanting my independence at the same time, as I feel as though I lose myself in relationships as well, and want to figure out who I am on my own two feet... but I'm also concerned with how my family perceives me, or how my neighbors may perceive me...
    I also used to feel as though I needed someone else to connect with... but as I learned through dream analysis about the anima and animus, I realized I only needed to connect to myself and quit looking outside myself.

    i relate to all of this! having read several of your posts here and elsewhere (this is going back a while, sorry i can't give specifics!), i think i identify with your posts more than with those of any other member!

    i'm also working out my instinctual variant. i thought i was sx/sp forever, am now leaning toward sp/sx. i also received Fe training and SO skills from my mother, but i'm pretty sure i'm so-last..

    Uuuuugh is right!
    "Develop interest in life as you see it...the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself." -- H. Miller
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    I'm a FiNe SiTe to see!

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