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    I don't identify much with most general sp descriptions, they're too focused on things that I as a 7 am not interested in, how it fits for me is after my E type. The subtle focus (or not so subtle as it may be) on self is true for me and the look inward not turn to others to solve problems is also quite true. But I don't expect either of those things are contrary to some so or sx doms. For me the sp dom-ness is about my desire for pleasure and positive experiences over so and sx desires.

    The write ups here are relatable for me.

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    The "self-preserving" Instinctual Subtypes are driven by the ongoing search for survival and well being. Anything that could possibly damage, endanger, or exploit the self is of concern. The focus of attention is subtly on "the self" and "my world." The primary desire is for security, which is manifested by a continual perceived quest for well-being and for the "essential" needs of life, such as food, comfort, safety, protection, and resources.

    ENFP 6w7 sp/sx

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    Quote Originally Posted by IndyAnnaJoan View Post
    well... dern. now i'm questioning my own variant stacking again. sx/sp or sp/sx. i need to read up on them once more.
    I have been trying to choose between these two myself. I tend to favor sp/sx, though because, when my sp desire for safety and control conflicts with my sx desire for intimacy, sp usually wins. This manifests itself in that it takes me a long time to build up enough trust "to let someone in", and if they betray that trust, they are quickly kicked back out, usually without hope of return.

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    Everything except this:
    The focus is to aggressively go after what one needs
    I especially relate to the part about having heavy energy, like a weight on the shoulders. It's so heavy it's hard for me to do much at all. And yet I'm very thin.

    This is also totally me:

    Pair Bonding
    Self-preserving moves to Sexual For example, the self preserving subtype considers a mate as an essential need to maintain and insure security. Therefore, when in search of a mate the self-preserving subtype will feel anxiety and suspense until a mate is secured. In order to attract a mate, the self-preserving subtype will shift to their respective sexual instinctual drive to accommodate this fear. Outwardly the self-preserving subtype will behave like the sexual subtype, pay more attention to their desirability and will be sensual or flirtatious. At first, the self-preserving subtype will spend more time one on more with the possible mate. Once the mate is secured, the self-preserving subtype will return to basic routines.

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    Quite well. As well as any description of a typology as a whole is going to.
    SP/SX (well-nigh SX/SP)
    INFJ (well-nigh INFP)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kasper View Post
    The write ups here are relatable for me.
    I'm with Boy Wonder, the SP/SX description here is the only one I relate to.

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