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    I put SX last in both because it always seems to be there, like an underlying thing, just not in the aggressive 'I WANT TO MERGE AND BE INTENSE, it's tempered with something much softer, gentler and more steady, (which I like cause there's less drama, I don't get into brooding) which is why my head is a passionate place to be lol

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    Bear in mind that the dominant instinct is the one where you are *weakest* where you have least control - hence it dominates you.

    I like this concept, it is an interesting way of typing yourself.

    To the OP, as warm and accommodating as you are IRL, and as much as you try to seek group consensus, you don't care about fitting into any hierachy, (even though you careful not to ruin other people's reps.) You'd still rather chill out at home with close friends and family, musing on whatever your latest interest is. You also can't escape your sxness, so don't play it down just cos you're scared of maybe being an sx dom

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