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    A lot of hardcore sx-doms or at least, sx-firsts in general have found my sx-last to be really obvious. Strangely some other sx blinds have typed me as sp/sx, one even typed me as sx/so for some odd reason... Maybe I'm like a human rorschach test to people's blindspots? idk. Connecting and intimacy don't quite come naturally to me, to the point where someone starts asking me a lot of questions with one on one, I may hold back.

    I am certainly stronger in sp and so than sx. Sx is also about connecting with an interest, not just a person so I would say I'm pretty passionate about my areas of interest. There is an intensity connected to sx that I certainly lack. I don't attribute it completely to sx though. When it comes to connecting with people, I do sometimes dream of finding my special someone, to the point that I've wondered if a true sx blind would do it as much as me. I'm definitely not sp blind and so blind seems off to. I guess I have sx-ish thoughts and wants, I'm 110% sure of it not being in my main variant stack.
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    I think I do have a strong Sx for a So/Sp as I tend to see Sx as this sort of thing that I find myself fascinated by and yet cannot seem to quite grasp it its kind of like that exotic language you know a little off and find super cool but you are super clumsily at using it and it often doesn't lead anywhere meaningful other than to impress others. In a nutshell that's how I see my Sx lol.
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