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what are the best ways you cope with stress?
Put everything into perspective and then organize priorities.

do you prefer vigorous or more gentle, restorative exercise? what about meditation?
I prefer intellectually stimulating exercise. Say jiu jitsu.

Things like running and the gym and stretching stuff mentally bores me. Haven't tried meditation, although I'd consider doing one of those 10-day retreats just to try the challenge.

do you rely too much on creature comforts, get slothy, and overeat when you are overstressed? do you communicate with others about your anxieties and feelings or is that unhelpful?
I do eat when stressed. Don't get slothy.

I don't communicate my feelings with others. Not really useful for me. But if i'm irritated by the stress that comes out in my behavior.

how do you slow down negative thoughts? how do you motivate yourself if you working on/in a consistently demoralizing project/work environment?
I don't really have negative thoughts. If I do, I pull them into perspective, understand why they're happening, and then compartmentalize them and move along with my life.

Regarding your second question, shut down and become a human doing. Emotion goes away, distractions go away. Just narrow in on reaching the end goal of the project. I'm largely lifeless and non-responsive to external stimuli. Just do what I need to do so it is over and done. Been in this state a few times...it's a very efficient state to be in, but you're not really living. You just exist. About the closest you can get to being an organic automaton.

how do you respond to situations in which your self-image/esteem are threatened or in jeopardy of being threatened? or super competitive, stressful situations?
Not sure I've been in this situation before, so can't say.