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    Quote Originally Posted by proteanmix View Post
    Social (aka "Adaptive") Instinct

    Just as many people tend to misidentify themselves as Sexual types because they want one-on-one relationships, many people fail to recognize themselves as Social types because they get the (false) idea that this means always being involved in groups, meetings, and parties. If Self-Preservation types are interested in adjusting the environment to make themselves more secure and comfortable, Social types adapt themselves to serve the needs of the social situation they find themselves in. Thus, Social types are highly aware of other people, whether they are in intimate situations or in groups. They are also aware of how their actions and attitudes are affecting those around them. Moreover, Sexual types seek intimacy, Social types seek personal connection: they want to stay in long-term contact with people and to be involved in their world. Social types are the most concerned with doing things that will have some impact on their community, or even broader domains. They tend to be warmer, more open, engaging, and socially responsible than the other two types. In their primary relationships, they seek partners with whom they can share social activities, wanting their intimates to get involved in projects and events with them. Paradoxically, they actually tend to avoid long periods of exclusive intimacy and quiet solitude, seeing both as potentially limiting. Social types lose their sense of identity and meaning when they are not involved with others in activities that transcend their individual interests.

    For a moment there I was starting to really think I can't be a SO, going on other people's descriptions of their experience; some people seem to confuse SO with extroversion, among other things. But I really identify with this
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    Quote Originally Posted by PeaceBaby View Post
    QUESTION: Does anyone know (or know of any studies that illustrate) what the percentages of each variant are in the general population? It seems that here on TypoC there are more sx's than the other two. I would venture the order here is sx - sp - so.
    FWIW, there seems to be a lot of SPs on the forum, either SP primary or SP secondary. Not a lot of SO's. I guess that makes sense on first glance for an internet forum...Just like there are a lot of INTPs and Enneatype 5s on this forum --> not necessarily accurate reflections of the 'general population'.

    Some crude observations - SO primary is a an artificial substitute for Fe. Being SO/Sx and ENFP seems to give me a different relationship or view with and of Fe than a lot of my ENFP counterparts on the forum.
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