I'am wondering what subtype i am? I'am sure of being 4w5

I'am pretty sure of having SX somewhere in my stacking since i can feel the need for intensity and merging with people i love. However i'am not someone very sexual by that i mean i'am quite shy and not the kind to openly talk about my sexuality or to publicly dance, maybe there is also education that plays a role in that.

I can relate to the need to be part of something bigger than myself, i would love to be part of a group where i can feel understood. Belonging to a specific group is very important to me. However i am very socially awkward (even got a diag on the autistic spectrum) i have a very hard time understanding people's motives. Very hard for me to understand hiearchy in a structure, who is the boss, and to properly adapt to it.

I hate having to take care of daily tast, maintaining a budget,.... i tend to procrastinate a lot. However i spend alo of time thinking about it being anxious about not able to make it. In the other hand i don't care too much about comfort as long as i can do what i like. I find those aspects of life boring, but understand the necessitiy of it.