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    Generally if I get this way it means I'm probably lacking personal connections and/or depressed as fuck. If it's the former I search for new ones, peruse around places until I find someone a genuine connection forms with. If it's the latter...well, in my case I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder since I was 14-15 and medications are all that actually eliminate it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Peter Deadpan View Post
    I'm not changing my type, per se, but I am confessing to struggling with a lack of intensity or "life juice".

    I'm very single, very friendless, very naturally asocial and withdrawn, and feel little need do change any of this both for the sake of growth, and because humans are too demanding.

    But, what do I do when I crave that intimate connection? I know it doesn't have to be a person, but I've struggled finding a thing that replaces it. I've dabbled in photography, hiking, foraging, art, and buying things that "make me happy", but I always end up on the couch at night wanting more.

    Generally, I tend to succumb to exhibitionism in one form or another, which I eventually grew ashamed of. Now, I'm more comfortable with accepting that aspect of my personality, but I still don't want to go completely overboard with it.

    So, what do you frustrated sexuals do when life leaves you feeling internally restless and unsatisfied?
    Do you say "blankie" in english ? Maybe a blankie would do ?

    Well I see what you mean. But as an EXFP I don't tolerate frustration that much, having a cat is probably the best comfort I found.

    We communicate all the time, even when I am away he sends me some messages by telepathy. But that is also true with people anyway.

    You are not alone. The universe won't allow this.

    Dare observing your shadows (50 shades of darkness) for your own well-being Unfortunately we are all fucking contagious Smile and see what happens around you......

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