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    This is interesting, and I am not entirely sure...

    In the past, for example in my adolescence, I don't remember focusing very much on Social. I was almost entirely consumed by SX focus. However, I could imagine that I am susceptible to feeling easily embarrassed, ashamed, and things like that...but, I don't focus on Social unless that is what I have to, in the present. If the current situation requires that, I will, but then I tend to let it go and not think about it again and then back to dwelling on SX.

    sxso basically is an "exhibitionistic" stacking, and it need not be in a literal sense, but this general sense of denuding themselves in order to attract a specific other. Leaving your 'signature' so to speak on the social arena. Even if you don't have your eyes set on a specific other, sxso may still "scatter themselves/their essence" into the social sphere, however that may be, through art, writing, interacting with social groups, and any other opportunities for social involvement. Since both sx and so and oriented outwards, I suspect in times of extreme distress the initial instinct is to bare yourself, maybe even desperately so, more and more, hoping to find someone whom you can "hook into," who might return your interest and keep the sx charge alive.

    As Katherine Fauvre has written in her blog, this stacking basically ventures out there only to find a mate and when they find one, they may retreat.

    So, sx/so = using the social sphere (so) to disperse your specific signature or essence in order to attract a mate (sx).
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    Sx/So - going to a group gathering (So) to find one or two people you deeply connect with and saying fuck the group after I have connections to keep tending (Sx) XD

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