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    Yep, it was a fantastic trip. We had unseasonably warm weather (upper 90's in L.A. on the 15th, and then in Joshua Tree it got up into the 80's both days, and only down into the low 50's at night). And such a different environment/ecosystem from where I'm from, so I soak that stuff up. Simply amazing.

    My existential crisis is half because I'm back at work and not out in nature where I'm *really* fulfilled, and half because I'm no longer with the person I was with...

    So, the double whammy. Luckily I have a four-day weekend starting tomorrow so I can recover. I'm only about 5% functional today. :-)

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    Hiking has always been my favorite hobby. It's been two years since I started doing this hobby. The first one I hiked was at Tarragona.

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