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    Default Aphrodisiac Cookbooks?

    I found this random gem today after reading about The Testicle Cookbook : a cookbook called Inter Courses.

    Adventurous as I may be, I don't think The Testicle Cookbook is for me. Frankly, I'd have no idea where to procure testicles locally for myself lest they be hacked off some unsuspecting male. But Inter Courses seems fun. Has anyone seen the recipes in this book or tried any of them? I'm debating whether or not to spend $25.00 (cheapest I saw) and find out for myself. There's also a blog called Inter Courses by a curious blogger, unrelated and not updated, with some "aphrodisiac" recipes.

    I don't know how much potency (ba-dum-tschhh!) I'd lend to the theory of aphrodisiacs in food, but it's fun to learn and try.

    Any input or recipes you guys have tried related to this?
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    I haven't seen this book, but I'd love to give it a whirl! I bet the recipes work best as an aphrodisiac if you make sure that your date sees the book while you cook for her
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    Nice. I collect cookbooks so I'll be adding this one (the aphrodisiac one) to it.

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    Looks like a nice find.
    This is something I have saved for when the mood strikes~

    Aphrodisiac recipes galore!
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