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Thread: Sushi

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    Necromancers! The Both of ya!!

    Whhyyyyyy now I want sushi so badly... @_@ Also, @Ivy :3 Asian Groceries have raw fish sushi-grade in frozen sections.. you defrost in the fridge and eat right away. It's very safe. There's a few in Greenville that have it.. but honestly, for the price, just go to a sushi bar.
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    I fucking LOVE Sushi!

    ..well, salmon Sushi only. And I'm picky. I don't like the Americanized rolls where they pile all kinds of crap on. I love plain salmon sashimi/nigiri. There are a couple rolls that I like: Fresh Philly Roll ( salmon avocado and cream cheese. It sounds weird but the flavor is mild and the texture is divine.) I also like seared salmon roll/nigiri with Kyupi mayo.
    Not many others I like but those ones I could eat everyday.

    Quote Originally Posted by forzen View Post
    Damn i loved Sushi. I was in Japan for 3 years and i ate sushi every chance i get. My favorite was restaurant in Japan where they have the sushi on a plate going around a conveter belt. Each plate cost 105 yen, which is pretty cheap considering they have two pieces on each plate. Sushi's i like to eat usually consist of raw salmon (sashimi i think) and i just dip it in soy sauce/wasabi mix.
    Kaiten, or rotating sushi, as it's called is very popular here. I'm not a big fan. They are very cheap and lack variety.

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