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    Quote Originally Posted by Rainman View Post
    They're a true symbol of perfect harmony and life itself. Different branches going in different directions like the paths of destiny. At the end of each branch is a new life or leaf! (Wow that was pretentious of me).
    That's interesting you say that, because I always thought similarly about trees. Like the trunk is what you're born with-your personality, your whole being. As life goes on, the branches go on to different ways, representing the different destinies/paths you might go, but it's up to you which to choose. Meanwhile, the roots grow bigger and wider too, representing the strength, all that's unseen with the eyes.
    Anyway, I suck at expressing these kindsa thoughts, but yea, good question, Sunshine

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    May it is because the discernible physical structure of consciousness, neurons, look a lot like them:

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