After having a coffee and small slice of bake short cake, during conversation my mind drifted to two types of cells body matter cells and bacterial cels, two types of RNA-DNA bacterial cels 10-20 times more in number that human body cels 20:1 - 10:1 .

I thought to myself wouldn't it be interesting if the emotion-phenomenologically experienced was in part due, to to the two different vibration rates combining as phenomenon ,hosted for minds experience as phenomenology emotion sensed though felt ,. As-action E-motion. A cloud Like-field. A vacuum like void of vibration much likened to your key within your Chee ,the concept field of energy living energy loving light ,new age Phycology terminology for being... "living light" - Self..

Like the body's electromagnetic field engine's centre located on the outer surface of the Hart muscles surface ,. As and I would intuit ,the RNA DNA would be as an engine for both forms of cels human body cels and ancient bacterial cels. A cluster of lots...lots-of different vibrations bodily parts vibrating.. Felt experience, experience felt.

Vibration and electromagnetic energy transferred between the three Centre's Gut , Hart , Head, Head Hart Gut , (Hart and Gut ; Hart and Head ; head and Hart as a Hart Gut Head,.. a Intuiting mind receptive to informing-informed-information, -free-will , -conches, -mood, -agenda are all parts in an experiencing of emo/ e motion-active energy detected by mind within mind for the minds symbiotic-needs.

free will is introduced and now we have four,

Conches, mood and agenda and Free-will. I find this interesting because a set of four like this set of four has a mirror similarity in that one chemical is replace within the differing of the four chemical basses of DNA the RMA that interacts there are three of the same of four chemicals in DNA in the co matching RNA ad one difference and it comes from the RNA. so we have four bases plus one base. Two sets of four bases a set of four and a set of three and one another set of four.

It's a nice picture its like a divide like five parts and a out side surrounding field. sixth part ..well ,.and more parts. The same thing can to be three parts a three into three two parts. Emotion is!

Two sets of DNA and RNA two set of two a three into three as two part equaling ten part. I something interest on CD Don Riso talking about 10 parts at the body systems level I must track it down and have a listen to it.

Ten parts and ten parts , could be a good ground to look for correlations.. At the RNA level of Bactria and body and the ten systems he spoke of.

I will post some information on the ten parts and diagram the three sets of three to make easier to follow. Four chemicals three combinations two set of one for bacterial cel RNA and one for body cel RNA.