of here's the issue the dog keeps jumping the fence between this yard and the yard to the right, it's 6ft fence but she can clear it, the issue is the yard next door has bushes along the fence that are about 3 feet high along the fence and 3 feet out and we tried to get her to jump back over but she can not make it because of those bushes, and she's quick so my brother suggested we make a slope coming out from the fence the issue is the dirt is practically sand so i don't think a slope would last. Now no one lives next door the landlord is renovating it to sale it (which is why this unit is falling apart cuz he won't fix a god damn thing over here) and the landlord admitted it was his fault because he talks to her through the fence and she gets excited and wants to go over there and play, and sometimes he'll play ball with her which really doesn't help in discouraging her from going over there. no matter what we do she still goes over there. so i was thinking if we got some shrubs and made the landlord take it out of the rent and plant it ourselves maybe it prevent that. I need solutions, especially after he finishes and theres actual people living over there. and because we go get her to her its just a game at this point.

I'm not talking about light balls back the wheel to back door is broken so it doesn't open and close easily i've mentioned it several times over the last 5 months and he keeps saying he'll get it fixed half the stove doesn't work. and is lop sided our dryer doesn't work and the washer about to go. the thing is everyone pays rent on time