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    I'm a barefoot person too. From West Virginia. I sometimes wonder if working class people are more likely to type as S. Because one thing has nothing to do with another, though I have noticed an upper middle class white woman I know sets in front of a computer twelve hours a day and gives dumb typical answers that I don't want to even get into, and an intelligent aware black girl in law school says she's crazy....this indicates upper middle class white people out of touch with reality are more likely to be N?

    I'm honestly starting to question "type "

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    My house rules (and my family house rules) have always been to take the shoes off. It's customary in Finland.

    I rent an office room, where I keep a shoes-on -policy. Almost no places of business expect people to take shoes off. So, I've adapted the most common shoe policy in both cases
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    My shoes come off at the door. A second set of shoes (in place of slippers) goes on my feet immediately after.
    The 2nd set of shoes are strictly for indoor use. They have more warmth/traction/impact absorption than most slippers.

    Ideally, I'd go barefoot or just in socks indoors, but with Primary Raynaud's my feet get too cold, year-round. Supportive footwear indoors seems to decrease pain from joint issues (torn medial meniscus I've yet to correct, etc), as well.

    Shoes I've worn outside could be contaminated with bacteria or fungi (ringworm spores are easily tracked in this way, & can live on surfaces for up to 18 months, increasing risk of infection for people/pets in the home, for example), so I have a firm No Shoes Policy, strictly for hygienic reasons.
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    Before I moved to a zone where there were no earthquakes, I'd wear shoes all the time (except for sleeping, of course). Now that I'm quake-free, I take them off as soon as I'm inside my apartment. Sometimes it comes in handy to let them on because you're in and out of the house constantly, but if I don't have anything to do for a while, I take them off. However, here in Argentina it's bad manners to take off your shoes in someone else's house unless they ask you to.
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    I actually find it rude to expect people to take off their shoes before entering your home. Obviously you should take your shoes off if they're dirty, that's common sense, but it just seems silly to set rules like that for your guests. If you have friends who are inconsiderate and don't respect your property, maybe don't invite them over?
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    I never wear shoes around my own house. Like, I go inside, walk to my room, take my shoes off, and hang them on my shoe hanger.

    When friends come over, I never tell them to take off their shoes, but they always do (once we settle down in whatever room we plan on being in). They set them off to the side somewhere. Haven't really thought about it much.

    When I go to my friends' houses, I do the same as what they do at mine--once we establish what room we're going to be in for the most part, I take off my shoes and put them somewhere out of the way. Although at one ISTJ friends' particular house, there is a pile of shoes by the door so I just put my shoes there if I plan on being there for more than a few minutes.

    I usually keep my shoes on at my mom's house because her floor is never clean anyway.

    Otherwise, I'm never in a situation where I go to someone's house and don't know if we're "close enough" for it to be okay if I take my shoes off/where to put them. I only go to two different friends' houses.
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    I rarely wear shoes in the house. I used to do so pretty much all of the time until I realized how much it screws your ankle/foot stability/muscle use. I will normally always wear shoes in other people's homes unless I notice that they all take them off when they enter and then I will out of respect.
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