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Thread: Christmas Food

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    Bacon coated ham.
    Good result (vs. Soton)...still have to go #Arsene

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    Here's a recipe I found. 5stars and it looks right. Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells - Fork Knife Swoon

    As far as the marinara sauce I like to make my own. Olive oil heated over a stove, a shitload of garlic (i usually use ~ 5 cloves), cook up the garlic and oil, add canned tomato sauce, a small amount of tomato paste if you like, and basil to taste. Bring to boil then simmer for as long as you want. Gets better the longer it simmers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 21lux View Post
    That southern-style brunch sounds really good. I'm tempted to try it out this year.
    You should! It helps when you use family recipes and ingredients. Traditionally, my family uses

    - My great-grandmother's egg-scrambling method
    - Ham/bacon that my grandmother sends over every year
    - My mother's biscuit recipe
    - My mother's apple butter recipe (prepared/canned way in advance, usually in the fall)

    Would probably be really great with mimosas, but usually we have hot tea because my parents don't like mixed drinks.
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    For Christmas, I usually keep it pretty straightforward. I stick to beef such as..

    Beef Tenderloin
    Standing Rib Roast
    Rib Eye Roast

    Sides would include some potato dish like twice baked or steakhouse au gratin with cheese sauce and bacon. Roasted fresh vegetables and salad with homemade rolls.

    Dessert is usually a Bûche de Noël. No reason other than I enjoy making it and Christmas should have a showstopper dessert.

    I always make many kinds of Christmas cookies. Some family favorites (kifli or ginger molassas) and a couple new ones. I make Finnish Pulla for breakfast - it's the only traditional kind of pastry my husband ever asks for.
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    On Christmas Eve for many years when I was growing up we would have soft white rolls split and grilled in butter. We would eat them topped with bruschetta and marinated mozzarella balls. Spread out a blankie on the floor and eat it like a picnic, maybe watch a Christmas movie.

    I have no idea how that started.

    When I was very little my aunt did a huge family Christmas Eve party. Then she sold her giant house. But the past few years now, her daughter, my cousin, has started doing them. So the roll thing I guess was an interim tradition?
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    My family has a tradition of eating fondue (or possibly raclette, usually one on christmas eve and the other on new years eve) on christmas eve (the main christmas event in this country) and some sort of roast on the first and second day of christmas.

    The few times I have stayed in town instead of seeing the family I have started a little tradition of my own of making duck breast with potatoes and a special sort of gravy/roux that contains a few spoonful of sweet jam-like asian sauce. As I only eat small portions anyway and the duck usually gives off a loooot of fat and produces masses of gravy, the gravy lasts for several further meals along the line (great on potato or rice with all sorts of vegetables).
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    I don't celebrate Christmas but my mother would usually make duck a l'orange. A few years ago, I got in the habit of making pernil, plantains, rice and pigeon peas on Xmas. Fighting for the skin will work off the calories from the meal.
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