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    Default Teardrop camping, the 'tiny' & 'vintage' of camping. Thinking of building one.

    I've had a fascination with these little campers for an age. And camping is real nostalgia moment for me too. But vintage camping in a teardrop is... I've been reading up on building one. They are straight forward monocoque structures made out of ply then finished anyway you like. I especially love that they are lightweight and easy to tow, even behind a motorcycle or compact car. I adore the galley in the boot concept. I'm seriously thinking of buying some plans and giving it a go. They estimate you can build a basic for around $2k, which seems really affordable. Some people have built them for as little as $500.

    Teardrop Trailer - Additional Bedroom

    Silver Tears Woodie Teardrop Camper

    Sorry - I still have no idea how to embed a pic so it's not a link and just a pic.

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    I am gonna have to try and build one after my remodel project.
    Im out, its been fun

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