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    Default potty training issues with my puppy

    so originally i trained my dog to potty outside in a spot next to the house, when she was young like 5 weeks old. i reinforced this training with snacks an such, to wire that in her head an now, its the only, spot she does her business in my yard. at first it was fine but now, that area which is close by to my porch has a super strong smell of urine, wafting into my porch.

    my goal is to try an train her to release in other parts of my yard but she wont go but only in that particular area. i placed her outside in the yard an she holds it until its time to come in an than she releases in that particular spot that i trained her to go, when she was 5 weeks old.

    any suggestions on how to break her from going in this spot an get her to use release in the new designated area in my yard?
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    Start small. Move her over gradually to the other spot by moving like a big step towards it while standing in the old spot. Bring treats

    Once she realises the spot is being changed, you ll probably be able to enlarge the distance or even go directly to the new spot.

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