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    Quote Originally Posted by Amargith View Post
    Cats just don't understand what hierarchy means as its foreign to them
    They just go 'dude, what's your problem?'
    It also means they are on their own though..if 5 cats are sitting near each other and a big mean dog goes to one of the cats...the rest just watches the interaction and only deals with the dog if it threatens them. That cat is on its own.

    Im aware that dogs feel safer in a pack with a clear leader. Im not arguing to deny them that...Im just saying that I don't agree with the way in which that leadership is established in his case. Honey vs vinegar, really. Vinegar is fine for when speed and efficiency is essential as you need to fall in line quickly to get something done that is vital to the group. I prefer honey for when there isn't an outside evil to combat or goal to obtain that enforces our bond naturally during down time when boredom kicks in and people get snippy though.

    If you re interested in comparing techniques though you should research a british lady called Victoria. She did her show on...Animal Planet, I think, to compete with Cesars National Geographic show and their philosophy on how to train dogs is...very different, but they get similar results and she too preaches leadership as you are right, that is what a dog requires to feel safe. Hers is clearly more...technique oriented vs his instinctual approach, and focuses on drawing boundaries in a way that communicates to the animal in a non-fearful way that this behaviour is not acceptable, as well as positive reinforcement to get the dog to try something new and train a new behaviour that would be beneficial to the owners and the dog. Otoh, she would not take the risk he does with aggressive dogs, and rightly so, with her techniques. I wish he would do the same or at least teach caution to those using his technique with animals vulnerable to abuse aka young, timid, senior and phobic animals. In that field, her techniques really do shine, I feel.
    Yeah, I guess, what the show doesn't teach them is, that he is 3rd party that intervenes, by challenging both the dog and the owner and then leaves. The owner can't play both roles. So Victoria's method is the best method when it is only the "owner" and their pet.

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    I don't really like dogs, period.

    They smell, are slobbery, and pests lol.
    Good result (vs. Soton)...still have to go #Arsene

    Tengo los conocimientos hay un motivo para estar al tanto de la reunión que sucedió hace mucho tiempo ....

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