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The problem with this is that I was raised by the son of a Southern chef, so I'm pretty much a gravy connoisseur at this point and none of my gluten-free attempts have measured up to the real thing. It's either grainy or has that odd rice flour taste or the texture just isn't right because of the weight of the flour or because it's made with corn starch. This is another instance where I just opt out and stick with simpler fare.
Yeah, it can be grainy. I have found this to be a real problem when making gumbo. Bob's Red Mill white and brown rice flour is pretty fine so it is okay but the roux never becomes silky smooth. I found corn starch to do well with some things but not everything...

I just made some gluten-free sweet potato pies...crust was excellent. Flaky and buttery. I think I'll use leaf lard next time.