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    My longest ongoing project is this scattered "write dump" where I write short stories and ideas for stories, skeletons of stories, and character skeletons but never full fleshed stories. I have a guitar that I can't seem to stick with, a half a scarf that I tossed because I got frustrated with knitting, 3 or 4 pages in a scrap book, and a buncha really pretty pictures. And some xtranormal videos. I'll check back in about 10 years to see where this all goes. I can't draw either!!

    Oh lament.

    A sample from write dump:

    Janes about 9 years old sitting on the edge of a cliff, flirting with the weather, flirting with the nearby daisy. Because she loves to dream and she loves to think and she doesn’t want to go. She hangs her legs over the valley down below and she watches the birds fly in circles below her feet and she wonders if the homes in the valley are all there is and about the Anybody who will take her into their arms. And she throws her arms to the threatening sky and screams to whoever is there, and hoping for an ear to emerge from the sky. Instead the water comes down and her tears falls down and the lightning surpasses to the valley. And she jumps to the bolt to swing to the other side. A dangerous worthy ride. This is a modern love story. It’s also an old fashioned love story, two incompletes.

    (I laughed just rereading that, the "write dump" should actually be called "The Incompletes."

    (Jane's supposed to somehow end up in some magical dimension on the other side of the valley and God only knows what was going to happen there but maybe I'll figure it out someday. She may not even fall in love, that line just popped out in the middle of writing.)
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    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    My current computer game project has a mostly Super Mario Bros. 2/3 feel to it. The combined dynamic of powerups and picking-up-and-throwing-stuff lends to some creative combinations of tools and the powerups that let you manipulate them. I have no idea if or when that one will get done, but it's a team effort.. which is easier overall.
    Holy crap this was almost two years ago.

    Well, right now, I'm gutting what I had and completely rewriting it. Following represents a test of new graphics shoved into the old engine:

    Quote Originally Posted by bologna View Post
    Centuple Trouble!
    It's a game! Side-scroller inspired by Super Mario Bros. 2 and 3, Kirby, Bomberman, and other beloved series.

    The whole deal is that you pick up Items that you can hurl at enemies or that affect how you traverse the levels. Offensive Items include standard Dirt Blocks that break upon impact, Solid Blocks that don't, Ice Blocks that keep on sliding along, Bombs that explode, Heat-Seekers that seek out the nearest enemy, etc. Balloons give you a floaty jump deal, Jetpacks let you maintain your vertical height, Rubber Balls let you maintain your vertical momentum (so that you can bounce from high places), Rockets propel you forward at a very high speed, and so on.

    Powerups are in the form of Costumes, which affect how you interact with Items. A Cowboy can grab Items from afar with his lasso, a Pitcher can aim his throws and pitch very long distances, a Magician can magically stow an Item away in reserve, a Psychic can telekinetically move thrown Items, and a Miner can conjure up Dirt Blocks at any time.

    Mounds (of dirt, etc.) mostly give you Dirt Blocks, but they may have other surprises as well.

    So, proper handling of Items is key for this game.

    The story is that you're a five-year-old who was left in charge of all 100 of your baby cousins by your irresponsible parents. Since you're an equally irresponsible five-year-old, they all get kidnapped and so you have to go off and rescue them.

    In fact, in each level, your Baby Cousin is an Item that must be picked up and carried to the exit in order to complete it.

    I started on this project years ago, abandoned it for a while, and am now in the process of rethinking it.

    I'm workin' on incorporating hand-drawn colored pencil graphics in my game to replace the more classic game style that you also see here. Tiles in the current graphics engine are currently 16x16, and they will need to be 32x32 or larger to show all of the detail. I'll also probably have to redraw the existing colored pencil graphics.

    In the player's hands is a Dirt Block, beside him is a Balloon (I need bigger graphics to represent the string). Underneath, in order, are a Boomerang, a Solid Block, Ice Block; costumes Miner, Cowboy, Pitcher, Magician, Psychic.

    I also need to come up with a really cute design for the main character. Like, absolutely adorable.
    I'm doing some tricks with OpenGL. Tiles are now all 80x80, so plenty of detail there. The main engie needs some work too.

    Current progress: I have a square that can jump around. Geez, it's gonna take a while to rewrite everything I had before.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    I give up.Oil pastels are a pain in the ass, esp the thick 11mm ones I have. You win, THERE I SAID IT!!

    /kills self

    Alright, so I'm bad a quitting...

    Oil pastels. The bane of my existence. I'm not using these fuckers again for a long time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by YWIR View Post
    Alright, so I'm bad a quitting...

    Oil pastels. The bane of my existence. I'm not using these fuckers again for a long time.

    Hmmm, your tenacity impresses me, as does your artwork.

    Oh, and don't get too worked up over the oil pastels. Acrylic paint makes me scream.
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    Here are some Feather hair clips I made a couple months ago . I haven't really done any other projects since then this must change immediately!

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    A collage I made from magazine cut-outs. I wish the picture quality was better though. It was kind of hard to hold the camera still...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakysage View Post
    First three were posted before in the blog.
    Some of music pieces made:

    Music Piece 1
    Music Piece 2
    Music Piece 3
    Music Piece 4
    Music Piece 5
    Have you ever considered finding instrumentalists to play some of these for a recording? I like 3 and 4 particularly, because while the writing on everything is quite nice they sound the most organic. I think it'd elevate it a lot if you were to have some live strings and a good drummer with some more dynamics. Anyway, it's very nice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anaita View Post
    Have you ever considered finding instrumentalists to play some of these for a recording? I like 3 and 4 particularly, because while the writing on everything is quite nice they sound the most organic. I think it'd elevate it a lot if you were to have some live strings and a good drummer with some more dynamics. Anyway, it's very nice.
    The idea to bring about instrumentalists to play the songs in order to give a more natural feel towards it had not gone unthought of. However, it is not as simple as it is to say. Making the music is a simple past-time hobby. To gather willing and capable professionals, rent recording studios and invest more time, effort and money to do such may detriment quite the amount of factors within current life. Ah, but look at me making excuses. Not the most willing individual am I? Though yes, in an non-pressuring time range where I am well off in finances the consideration will strengthen.

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    Default Lets share!

    I think it would be really fun for us all to share our talents with each other! Everyone is good at something, be it writing, drawing, music, whatever! If you have written a story, post it! If you have created any type of art, upload a picture!

    You dont have to be great at it....this is just for fun!

    I love music for example....I suppose I could start the thread by posting my own video. Just keep in mind again Im really not that great, so go easy on me.

    Like I said.....for funsies!

    Bah my recording thing messed up so I couldnt re-do this...I messed up at the end but I have to hold true to my promise to post ya go.

    Dont leave me alone guys!

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