I have always had the desire to build a little abode in a clearing in our woods. I live on some land with a moderately-sized home now, but I plan to move into my own, smaller house as the kids get older and perhaps decide they'd like to live in the larger home (with or without their families, etc). I've been told the Amish do this; have a "big" house and a "little" house (for the parents).

Being an introvert it appeals as well because it would be my own little space, and I'm drawn to the idea of creating my own artsy, funky place. A handmade house.

So the idea hit me the other day to make my little dwelling a straw bale house. I like small spaces. I like the idea of using available, renewable materials (as much as possible), and of building this place over many years, if need be, using cash along the way, and doing most of the labor myself. It seems like straw bale homes fit all that criteria pretty well, plus they are insulated well which is necessary for where I live, which is like Zone 2.

Just wondering if anyone had any ideas, thoughts, or experience whatsoever about this type of structure. I will post some pics that appeal to me to give you an idea what I'm talking about.

This one is in Maine. I like the color and windows. And that it is tall and skinny.

I like this one's color and at first I didn't like the thatched roof, but now it's growing on me. Not sure how a thatched roof would be with snow though.

Love this interior. The walls are nice and thick which works out really, really well for window ledges for plants, books, etc.

I would totally want to incorporate some bottle glass walls as well.

Like this design a lot, but not the two-tone finish.