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    Default Good Marinades for Chicken Breasts.

    Yes, I am learning to grill chicken breasts on a stove-top.

    I've been learning the most common marinade contains oil and acid. So apart from that, I've been testing various ingredients, but am not exactly sure what to add. There is flavor, but not exactly the "correct" taste that would keep me eating them.

    Oils I've tried: Olive Oil, Canola Oil (yeah, both Olive Oil and Canola oil can be a bit bland,) Corn Oil.

    Acid: Rice vinegar, Lime Juice.

    Others: Herbs (too many to name,) chile peppers. black pepper, salt, onions, garlic, soy sauce, lemon pepper, paprika, mustard.... amongst some of the stuff I've tried.


    So how about that, any suggestions on what oils,acid, etc I should try in marinating?

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    If you want serious flavour, do a form of teriyaki. Sorry no measurements.
    • Light soy
    • Sake or mirin or both
    • Minced ginger
    • Minced garlic

    I also like to slav on bit of honey at the end of the grilling process to kick the flavour up with some carmelised sweetness where it adds a shine to the chicken breasts, making them also appear even more palatable.

    Edit - just clicked on ceecee's link and it's got teriyaki too.

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    Italian salad dressing is my favorite!! mmhmm good!!
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    fajita marinade is always olive oil, lime juice, soy sauce and cayenne pepper (and a dash of cumin)... I use it on chicken for certain types of sandwiches and pizzas as well since it's quite tasty
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    I use this in another dish but I like the marinade

    For 1 pound of chicken breast

    1 cup of olive oil
    1 clove of garlic smashed
    1 lemon, zested
    2 teaspoons of black pepper
    1 bunch of parsley chopped
    2 sprigs of thyme chopped

    Marinade for up to 1 day but at least for 1 hour. I usually do 1 hour and that's fine.

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    I use the following marinade for grilling chicken, also for meat and vegetable kabobs. I have even used it for pork and shrimp. It's very simple. Quantities are approximate.

    3 tbsp soy sauce
    2 cloves of garlic, crushed; or 1 tsp garlic powder
    0.5 - 1 tsp ground cumin
    0.5 - 1 tsp ground ginger
    enough red wine to bring the total volume to 1 cup (8 oz)

    I find it easiest to mix the spices into the soy sauce with a whisk, then slowly add the wine. Or, put it all into a glass jar with tight-fitting lid and shake well! I place the items to be marinated into a glass dish and pour the marinade over it. Then I brush marinade onto the food as it grills.
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