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    Quote Originally Posted by Malleus View Post
    Worse part of the cold for me is it dries my nose out and causes me to get a nose bleeds so easily. I have to constantly keep putting some kind of moisturizer in my nostril or I will bleed out, not really but you get the point.
    Yech, this bothers me too (mine are more sinus problems, but they can bleed too just not a gushing faucet like a "nosebleed") and my shins & feet get incredibly dry skin.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lark View Post
    Any ideas for dealing with the cold weather?

    I got some thermal socks this week and I'd always have thought the idea was a gimic and its turned out they are amazing and worth the extra cost.
    Thermal socks are good. I have a pair of smart wool hiking socks that I end up wearing around the house most of the winter.


    Drink more water.
    Invest in a fleece-lined (faux or real) blanket for lying around the house.
    Thermal underwear! Silk is best.
    Get some gloves with grips for driving in the morning. It won't make your hands completely warm, but it keeps the chill from the wheel from seeping into your bones.
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    If you're talking "being outside in the cold weather", listen to JAVO. He knows his stuff .

    However, if you're just talking about things in general, I've found that thick socks, a warm blanket, and a mug of hot chocolate can be pretty darned nice too.

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    it kinda depends how cold you're talking, what you're doing and how long you're outside for... I was under the impression that ireland never got extremely cold, although it's entirely likely that I'm completely off-base there. Also your metabolism/circulation will make a difference with how many clothes you need.

    It's been about -20C[-4F] here the last few days (feeling more like -30 to 35C[-22 to -31F] with windchill). I'm guessing that's at least as cold as you're talking about? It does get colder than that here but I don't really change my clothing habits, I just try to avoid being outside/in the wind.

    For this weather (or colder) I wear a down parka that reaches mid-thigh (would prefer longer) and has a fake fur-lined hood that blocks most of the wind from hitting your face. I wear a hat too, most of the time, since I don't like the hood blocking my vision when I can help it. Scarf covering my neck that can be pulled up over my nose if I want, but rarely bother. Good quality boots that reach at least high enough that your ankles aren't cold. I wear medium-weight leggings under jeans, although I'm aware jeans are not optimal for cold weather. Heavier leggings, fleece pants or actual long johns for colder weather if I know I'll be outside for a while, like skating. I always wear a sweater of some kind. Mittens (gloves will freeze your fingers), although most coat pockets are a not-horrible substitute if you don't have to carry anything. This keeps me pretty comfortable for about 15-20 minutes as long as it's not too windy, and just a little cold (not OMG MAKE IT STOP cold) for awhile after that.

    Those are pretty basic but I'm not sure you really need anything beyond that! Unless you're going outside for a long time or in very extreme weather.
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    Good socks, a good hat, and a bottle of rum.

    *rum is optional

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    Complain about it. A lot.

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    I look at pictures of you in the newspapers while you are outdoors. And I am struck by how much you are rugged up. I'll tell you what - it looks cold - cold, cold shiveringly cold.

    So then I adjust my fedora and feel the sun on my shoulders.

    Ah, if you weren't so cold, I wouldn't feel so warm.

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    "Cold" of course is a very relative term when you're living and working in Africa. Here in Casablanca, the temperature never gets under +6 or 7°C, and accordingly, we're surrounded by palmtrees and figtrees.

    Nonetheless, it's easy to experience cold, somehow.

    First, during the winter there (aka the green, rainy season), what I find rather comical is the large number of Moroccans wearing heavy winter jackets and boots as soon as the temperature gets under +12°C during the evening. Oh, the irony!

    Second, you have to know that most of the buildings here were designed to repell the heat waves during summer. And hence, in winter, when outside during a sunny day, the temperature can rise up to a good 19-20°C, it's still chilling cold inside because of the extreme thermal insulation coupled with the fact that we use no heater whatsoever.

    And thus, in my office I work here with a scarf and a sweater... while when I'm outside, I usually only need a shirt and a light jacket.
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    Come and visit Minnesota in the dead of winter; then you'll feel warm when you go back home.

    In all seriousness... long underwear is God's gift to cold climate dwellers. A warm hat and scarf are good too. A wise person once told me, if your neck's warm, you're warm. Inside, sweaters, slippers, blankets and dogs are good for staying warm.
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    Surprisingly, I found that a scarf really helps

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