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View Poll Results: Which one would be a better long-term investment financially and security wise?

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  • Apartment (max of 3 rooms)

    6 42.86%
  • House( ~6-7 rooms)

    8 57.14%
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    A house is a great investment if you get a 10 year loan, a good investment with a 15 year loan and a poor investment with a 30 year loan. If you can find a place that you like and can pay off in 10 years then I highly recommend it. If you have to go 15 years to get the place you want then it's understandable and still a pretty good investment. Avoid 30 year loans at all costs. You are better off getting an apartment and just putting money into savings at that point.
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    Because of the malleable nature of apartments at little to no cost, I choose apartment. I don't need that much space, and considering how prices and the population is going up, apartments will be quicker to approve and more affordable. Quick and easy $
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    Quote Originally Posted by gaylehoran View Post
    Before considering a purchase, it's wise to weigh the pros and cons of both choices to make an informed decision.
    Isn't that what this entire thread has been about?
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    I voted condo over house, just because of the maintenance issues. I work long hours and don't want to spend my free time mowing the lawn, etc. Review the condo documents before you invest, and ask about the history of fee increases. There are some nice things about ownership but overall I'm not sure it's all it's cracked up to be. I miss being able to just pack up and move on a moment's notice. I'll never be able to sell my place because my loan is so far upside down, it's got its head in the ground. Wish I had waited till the economy failed to buy (my income has remained stable). You can surely pick up some good deals now.

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