What do you use, and how often do you actually turn to things like this?? Do you make them yourself?

Do you sort of say "Meh.. Soup and some nice brewed tea would be nice, but I gotta work so Dayquil it is!"?? Do you feel any of these do well, or help?

As for myself.. It's all natural soups, teas, mists, and rest when I'm at home. At work however, like for the army, I tend to push all of that to the way-side and just medicate myself heavily to get through the day and ensure I sleep at night.

I tend to do a lot of my shopping for 'cool stuff' (hippy cool anyways..) at prairielandherbs.com so I have a stockpile of soaps, mists, teas and hydrosols at my disposal.. Tinctures are something they've recently added that I haven't tried yet, so I'm curious about those.