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    I happen to really love white rooms.

    My favorite is the sort of beach bungalow look. Start white white main stuff--and add loud pops of color in natural tones.

    - Wood elements. It didn't mention what kind flooring you have, but light tan wood flooring is perfect. If not:

    That piece of wood looking thing is actually a rug.
    You can also use fabric that looks like wood to cover mantles and rafters to give the look while still having something easily disassembled.

    - A fan is functional AND cool looking.

    - Splashes of blue on the walls via art simulate the beach scenes.

    - And some greenery via fake or natural plants helps too! A nice tall potted plant helps freshen up the room and looks good!

    - A few quirky colored pieces around will complete it. And best of all they can all be easily disassembled and taken with you.

    Good luck, whatever you decide to do!

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    I LOVE white rooms. I have this fantasy of a white and light brown room, with sort of a natural light theme.

    So you would have things like...

    Beautiful white bedding and natural wood furniture...

    A couple well-placed white Christmas light strands...

    A neat light wood fan like kyuuei mentioned above...

    A tall lamp...

    A handful of paper lanterns...

    A cozy, fuzzy light brown rug...

    Maybe a wind chime by the window...

    A light brown loveseat if there's space...

    And a few chenille blankets for a soft pop of color.

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