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    I write in journals as well. I think my pile is at least 1.5 feet high. While they take up space, I would personally feel like I may have just wasted time. It doesn't make much sense, but it is records of thoughts and feelings of a past you. Maybe you can learn from them?

    I always thought it would be interesting to pass down journals. But maybe not so much.

    Also, incredibly ironically- the day you made this post is the day/day after I decided to do a new journal after months. I couldn't bear to write in my other because I stabbed it and it was just all too negative.
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    I would tell you to save them, but already tore up all of my old ones, and don't miss them. I'm still young, too though. Things you wrote could either be enlightening or embarrassing later...
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    It would definitely take time, but if you're a fast typer and have chunks of down time, you could start transferring your journal entries into Word documents/electronic format, and then eventually get rid of the journals themselves. That way you'd still have all of the words/entries themselves, just not the books and the writing. I don't know if the journals themselves hold more value to you than the words, though.
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    Or scan them! I write a lot of things down, and the value I get out of it is mostly in the act of writing it down. I hardly ever look back at notes or journal entries. I don't have any problem tossing that kind of stuff out. It's all about how, or if they are important to you. How important is it to you to be able to flip through them once in a while?

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    Or make audio versions.
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