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    Don't have one. I've always got a knife and a lighter on me though. Tons of camping gear in the house, but no "kit" as such. Of course I'll make sure I have food/water/fuel before big winter storms and the like, but I'm not gearing up for Red Dawn, ya know?

    Really, if things get all silly, I'll be able to figure it out. Or not.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JAVO View Post
    The most important things don't go into a bag: knowledge and practiced skills.

    I have a survival kit in both family vehicles with a bunch of stuff in them. Each person has to think the potential situations through and come up with their own list which matches their environment and skills using priorities as a guide. A general guide is that a person can live:

    • 3 seconds without blood
    • 3 minutes without oxygen
    • 3 hours unprotected in cold or heat
    • 3 days without water
    • 3 weeks without food
    • 3 generations once rescued from the situation

    On-person in everyday life (not woods/wilderness), I find that the most practical and carryable items are:

    • pocket knife (as long as the person knows how to use it correctly and safely) [although I'm not allowed to carry this at work ]
    • whistle
    • coin-cell LED light
    • clothing which is adequate for the weather even if you can't make it to a building or vehicle
    The 3's are very good information. Check out SSRSI (just type it in yahoo), they have a lot of good resources about self reliance and survival. I kind of got interested when I was a teen (a few years ago).

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